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Showing 1 - 42 of 42 products
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Tartuflanghe White Truffle Chips, 3.53 oz (100 g)
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Tartuflanghe Truffle Hazelnuts, 1.8 oz (50 g)
Tartuflanghe Truffle Hazelnuts by Tartuflanghe, 1.8 oz (50 g)
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Truffle Almonds by Tartuflanghe, 1.76 oz (50 g)
Tartuflanghe Truffle Corn Snack, 1.8 oz (50 g)
Tartuflanghe Truffle Cashews, 1.8 oz (50 g)
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Tartuflanghe Hot and Spicy Extra Virgin Olive Oil with 100% Italian White Truffle, 3.4 fl oz (100 ml)
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Tartuflanghe Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Winter Black Truffle, 3.5 oz (100 ml)
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Tartuflanghe Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle, 3.5 oz (100 ml)
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Tartuflanghe Ready Risotto Rice with Truffle, 8.5 oz (240 g)
Tartuflanghe Italian Porcini Mushroom Powder, 1.76 oz (50 g)

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Buy Tartuflanghe chocolate online and delight in luxurious flavors!

Truffle has long had a reputation of a fancy ingredient that can only be enjoyed in luxurious dining halls of expensive restaurants. Thus it’s been rendered relatively inaccessible for those of us who love staying in and eating dinner while watching a good movie or spending time with our family. But, as in most cases, the culinary world has found multiple different, more convenient uses for this decadent treat, and our selection of Tartuflanghe products is here to prove just that!

Domenica Bertolusso and Beppe Montanaro established Tartuflanghe based on the knowledge they had acquired while running their renowned Italian restaurant. From its humble beginnings in 1980, the company has come a long way, and today it offers a diverse selection of truffle-flavored products - from snacks to spreads, sauces, pasta, and even sweet treats - they’ve got an option for every craving of the day. So browse our selection of their stunning creations, and find exciting new pantry staples!

Shall we cook something? Why not! And what’s a better, more comforting meal to end your day with than a delicious bowl of pasta? Especially if it’s elevated by glorious cheese sauces from Tartuflanghe! So heat up some water, grab a packet or two of Tartuflanghe pasta - go with either classic tartufissima tagliolini or the intriguing tartufissima tagliolini with Barolo wine, and combine these stunning aromas with Parmigiano Reggiano truffle cream. It’s quick, easy, and tastes as if it came straight out of a Michelin-star restaurant! You could also embellish any of your old favorite recipes with a sprinkle of Tartuflanghe Guerande - grey salt with white truffle, and build up the most exquisite flavors with Italian truffle butter or the inimitable extra virgin olive oil with summer truffle! Keep some acacia honey with white truffle around for any of your gourmet baking needs or simply as a topping to enhance your culinary creations, and make your life a lot easier and more aromatic by having a jar of ready risotto rice with truffle at hand!

But what do we say to the god of hunger while our dinner is cooking? Not today! And not ever, granted you stock up on some decadent snacks we have to offer. Tartuflanghe chips are the best solution for all of your crunchy, salty cravings. They can only be rivaled by truffle cashews or luxurious Italian truffle hazelnuts, but definitely not much else!

And as for dessert? Well, this is the most special treat of all! How about some Tartuflanghe chocolate? Yes, we’re talking about truffle-flavored chocolate - two incredible tastes that combine to create a magical experience for all who get to try it! From trifulot pistachio truffle pralines to robust cappuccino truffle pralines and the most decadent Tartuflanghe Trifulto assorted sweet truffles, there is something to be found for every taste!

So peruse our exquisite selection of Italian truffle flavors in every form and stop letting silly stereotypes keep you from enjoying the most luxurious culinary experiences - gourmet foods are not limited to restaurants. With our collection, they can live in your pantry!

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