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Discover French treats that span generations with Biscuiterie de Provence

Do you know what goes exceptionally well with every mood? Baked goods! Whether we’re cheerful, celebrating our loved one’s birthday, or sad and just want something to lift our spirits, these delightful sugary creations are always happy to help. Fluffy, cakey, fudgy, and creamy - they come in all textures and never disappoint! But when it comes to cookies, biscuits, cakes, and other delicious treats, no country does it quite like France! After all, that’s the birthplace of Biscuiterie de Provence! None of us ever even stood a chance!

Established in 1833, this French brand quickly became the entire nation’s favorite household name. Classic recipes and the best ingredients are what make Biscuiterie de Provence a stamp of quality in its own right. What started as a small business in Provence has now turned into a global phenomenon lead by generations of Bédouin family members.

So whether your cup of coffee needs some French macarons not to feel lonely or you are in desperate need of a quick solution to a birthday cake crisis, Biscuiterie de Provence can help! From exquisite chocolate and almond macarons to organic orange almond cakes, they’ve got everything your heart might desire! Their gluten-free range is ready to make all of those who don’t get along with wheat extremely happy, and the Biscuiterie de Provence bio range is just what every snack-lover has always dreamed of!

Even if you are not the biggest fan of sugary bakes (even though we remain perpetually baffled by the very possibility of such a tragic occurrence), you’re bound to find something you enjoy in this selection. How about our Nyons PDO crackers? Or maybe some goat cheese ones? Maybe even savory pesto crackers? Perfect for cheeseboards, humus, and on their own - you will not regret giving them a go! And even though this might be a futile attempt at saving someone from a sad life without sweet baked goods, we are ready to risk it! You have to try Biscuiterie de Provence almond cake! From plain to Valrhona chocolate, hazelnut, figs and raisins, lemon, and even French chestnut cake, there has got to be one that will convert you into a dessert person (and we all know they are the best type of people)!

So whether you discover a festive celebration hidden inside one of the crunchy and snappy crackers or in decadent French cakes, the quality, care, and love of Biscuiterie de Provence products are bound to leave you speechless! Just choose your favorite options and enjoy - enhance the best of times and improve the worst!

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