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What is a chocolate truffle, you ask? We’re here to shine the light on this culinary morass. Chocolate truffles are balls of soft chocolate ganache, frequently dusted with a thick layer of cocoa powder. Ganache is a simple mixture of chocolate and cream, resulting in a dense concoction with a velvety texture. Chocolate truffles’ soft, smooth ganache centers are often flavored with various add-ins, such as liqueur, mint, coffee, or dried fruits. They take their name from, you guessed it, a type of fungi - a truffle, not because they are made from one, but simply because tasty confections look like luxurious black truffles. So, when you hear someone asking if a truffle is a mushroom or chocolate, you just answer - both?! We get how it might be a confusing moniker, yet truffles and chocolate truffles don’t have anything in common except shape and maybe looks. Since you know exactly how did chocolate truffles get their name, we can move on to the next question on the list - who made chocolate truffles?

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Chocolate truffles are the ultimate par excellence of the French confectionery world; however, there’s not much we know about them for sure. Besides unmatched culinary merit and flavor mood, chocolate truffles also have a vague background. Although they are relatively new inventions - chocolate truffles are thought to have been created in the 1920s - there are several culinary tales about how they came about.

According to the most famous story, a renowned French chef Georges Auguste Escoffier made chocophiles’ dreams come true. One of the apprentices mixed up pastry cream and chocolate bowls, accidentally pouring hot cream all over luxurious chocolate pieces. Well, Escoffier, unaware how happy this accident would turn out to be, cried out “ganache” - French for a fool, and tried to work with whatever resulted from this accidental experimentation. Lucky for us all, Escoffier quickly realized that cream and chocolate concoction was much more delicate and creamy than ordinary glaze. Once ganache cooled down, the chef learned that it could easily be sculpted into bite-sized pieces for nibbling. So, chocolate truffles were born out of the unexpected mistake of the young apprentice - it turns out sometimes, a smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and makes that mistake again & again & again! At least, that’s how it is in the chocolate world.

However, we can’t skip over the second story of how chocolate truffles were made. According to another culinary lore, Louis Dufour, a famous French pastry chef, invented truffles. It was his unique new creation for the Christmas season. His chocolate truffles were dipped into melted chocolate and then dusted with cocoa powder, resulting in a more intense flavor mood. However, Louis Dufour took his unique recipe to England while immigrating, leaving the French without soft, smooth chocolate truffles. Turns out, in the end, we still have to thank that clumsy apprentice, don’t we?

So, Who Makes the Best Chocolate Truffles?

French, DUH! Chocolate truffles are one of the most sought-after treats of the chocolate world; ask any of your chocophile friends, they will know exactly what we are talking about. Even though there are several types, such as Swiss, Spanish, and Belgian, French rendition remains a supreme classic, never ceasing to amaze even the most discerning palates. So, there’s no better place to start or even end your chocolate journey other than the fabled French category. With just a quick look, you will be dazzled with the eye-catching delights adorned with elegant packages. Let us save you some time - of course, it's Mathez you’re looking at!

Chocolat Mathez is a renowned French company, spoiling more than 40 countries and millions of chocophiles worldwide with unmatched know-how. Founded in 1934, the brand honors itself with the unique manufacturing process, latest technology, and, of course, the classic flavor mood of exquisite chocolate truffles. Mathez has also crafted umpteen unique renditions that attest to the unquestionable culinary luminosity, and the brand does it by constantly innovating. You might think we’re exaggerating; however, once you give Mathez a taste, you will be able to see a whole another world beyond milk and dark.

With chocolate being one of the most popular gifts given on numerous occasions, you have to be thorough when looking for the perfect one. And if you want to avoid repeating your own gifts, it becomes even more challenging to discover something unique. However, we’re confident; French chocolate truffles are one of the best when it comes to the duty of speaking to the dearest person for you. There are fewer things in life that can top the joy of French gourmet treats delivered to your door, right?! So, if you want to dazzle your friends and loved ones with the most delicious surprise, Mathez has got something for every palate. From snacking to gifting, decorating, or nibbling, exquisite flavors of Mathez’s chocolate truffles have you covered for every occasion, too. While myriads of flavors abound in our selection, we’d like to share with you our all-time favorites that deserve a chance.

chocolate truffles with coconut flakes

Classic time-tested chocolate truffles by Mathez are called classic for a reason: there’s no better way to step inside the world of gourmet chocolate. Classic chocolate truffles are generously dusted with aromatic cocoa powder to make your taste buds tingle with pleasure. While nibbling on them sounds addictively enticing, the gourmet treats from Mathez also make unforgettable gifts for every occasion - look at this elegant silver box, calling you to unleash French chocolate magic. However, the looks are secondary to what’s waiting for you inside. While chocolate truffles melt in your mouth, it might be a delicious idea to add some crunchiness by snacking on almonds or pistachio sprinkles at the same time.

If you’re determined to dazzle a true chocolate connoisseur, then classic might not be the right choice for you. You need that glamorous flair and burst of unique flavors that make a statement on their own. In this case, get ready for chocolate truffles with mint crystals. Mathez has masterfully melded velvety smooth, luscious ganache and enlivening freshness of mint crystal morsels together to create something that has never been done and tasted before. We’re more than happy that the French brand achieved its goal. With a vibrant yet subtle pop of minty aroma, these chocolate truffles are delicious enough on their own. To be completely blunt, they are something that must be enjoyed on their own to savor the culinary artistry behind - a classic case of how less sometimes is more!

Chocolate truffles with salted butter & caramel give you a tasty chance to treat someone special to you to the French elegance and beloved flavor pairing. The traditional Breton recipe is what inspired Mathez to make these unique delights. Prepared with salted butter, refined treats are brimmed with pieces of melty caramel, adding the nostalgic sweetness to the intensely aromatic ganache. Mouthwatering chocolate truffles by Mathez will add exquisite touches to your morning cuppa in the blink of an eye. Green tea with exotic fruits, classic Darjeeling, and Assam tea will taste exceptionally better when paired with these stunning chocolate truffles from Mathez. However, if tea isn’t your cup of, well, tea, then don’t worry. These gourmet chocolate truffles will taste equally delectable with your favorite brew and even dessert wine!

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Since you know exactly where to buy chocolate truffles online, there’s nothing that can come between you and the title of the best gift-giver of all time. However, don’t forget to treat yourself, too - French chocolate truffles are something every gourmand has to try, choco-lover or not. We don’t want to keep you any longer; we just hope we have made it a little easier for you to choose your new delicious obsession!

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