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Gianduja is a unique Italian chocolate, traditionally prepared by mixing 30% hazelnuts with chocolate paste. Originally, gianduja was just a dense chocolate spread with delicate aroma, and it was created during the Continental System blockade in the 19th century. Cocoa beans became luxurious, hard to come by ingredients, so Italian chocolatiers were forced to experiment their way out of the chocolate deficit. So, to preserve cocoa supplies, Italians mixed chocolate with 30% hazelnut paste, resulting in a creamier texture and well-balanced flavor profile of a spread that soon became the talk of the town. So, gianduja chocolate, just like the spread, is made with not only cocoa beans but a noticeable amount of hazelnut paste, too.

The great-great grandmother of Nutella - gianduja was the first chocolate spread ever made throughout Europe, and we have Michele Prochet to thank for that. While having his back to the wall, the chocolatier still didn’t let Napoleon ruin the Italian heritage of chocolate-making - he was the one who came up with, what seemed at the time, a mind-blowing idea of mixing hazelnuts from Langhe hills with chocolate paste to preserve the supplies. Well, what can we say? It’s clear how much Italians love their chocolate, right?! Pretty sure they would do nearly everything to fight back the blockade; however, with the brilliant mind of Michele Prochet, they were destined for something even tastier than regular chocolate.

gianduja chocolate spread

The undeniable truth is that Michele Prochet knew precisely what to do and what to use to achieve the result he had already envisioned in his mind. We have to assume, choosing hazelnuts from Langhe was not a mere coincidence. Often called Nocciole del Piemonte, these Italian nuts are now renowned worldwide for their unmatched aroma and flavor. The nutty jewels from Italy are IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) preserved, too! So, with one of the most prized Italian nuts and cocoa beans, Italy has managed to create the first chocolate spread in Europe, quickly transformed into various chocolatey treats, which you’re about to meet soon.

Before we move on to the yummy review of all the Gianduja goodness stocked on our digital shelves, we have foodie duties to answer one more of your questions - what’s the meaning behind gianduja’s name, you might be wondering. Unfortunately, we don’t have factual information dated back to 1806 on how the moniker stuck around, but there’s a little bit of history behind it. Gianduja is one of the primary characters of commedia dell’arte - an early Italian theater. Depicted with a cheerful mask, Gianduja is a true representation of Piedmontese spirit - a cheery peasant who adores Italian wine and his beautiful lover Giacometta more than anything else in the world. Although it's fairly confusing why, it’s a fact - the Piedmontese King of the Carnival inspired Michele Prochet to create something as delicious as gianduja!

After hearing the magnificent story behind the culinary experimentations of Michele Prochet, it’s nearly impossible to say no to a delicious uptick in your me-treat collection. Also, don’t forget that gianduja will cover your spread, chocolate, and even nougat needs easily! So, let’s dive deep into our selection to explore new luscious jewels for you and your loved ones, shall we?

Get Ready for Some of Our Favorite Gianduja Creations!

Classic gianduja can take your spread game up a delicious notch (it’s even guaranteed to do so, however, we don’t want to sound braggy), but the choice is all yours - all of the other chocolate spreads or the pioneer of the category?!

For a gianduja hazelnut paste, rich and creamy Brigantina by Borgo de Medici will be ideal! It’s a classic gianduja, made using the finest quality raw ingredients. The irresistible creaminess of the Italian hazelnuts adds to the texture of the spread and transforms it from a simple comestible to an elegant dessert option - yes, it’s straight-from-the-jar delicious, and we can’t hide it. However, if you ever get to thinking this mouth-wateringly delicious spread is too good to be your go-to daily pick-me-up, just know that your taste buds deserve every morsel of it. However, the gianduja spread can add luxurious touches to your homemade cakes, waffles, cupcakes, and gelato bowls, too. You just have to let your imagination run free; gianduja will take care of the rest!

gianduiotti pralines

However, gianduja comes in all different shapes, all of them worthy of trying. For example, gianduja pralines are one of the all-time favorite descendants of the fabled spread. After the Turin Carnival in 1865, gianduja became synonymous with the inseparable pairing of chocolate and hazelnuts and gained nationwide popularity. That’s when gianduja was transformed into chocolate pralines, also known as gianduiotti. If the gianduja spread’s origin is steeped in history, gianduiotti are relatively new delights, as some think, created by the par excellence of Caffarel. Yummy gianduiotti are shaped like tiny ingots of chocolates, and just like the spread, are infused with a generous amount of hazelnut paste, too. So, if you want to give gianduja chocolate a taste, we think dark chocolate gianduiotti by Venchi will be the absolute best. Made with IGP-preserved Piedmont hazelnuts, these chocolate ingots are filled with sophisticated bitterness of a minimum of 75% dark chocolate - the perfect flavor mood for true chocophiles in your life. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your share - there’s plenty for everyone with Venchi! However, Dolciaria Monardo has made gifting Italian chocolate easier with its gift bag of Cupido gianduiotti - the eye-catching and delicious treat is carefully packed with the lusciousness of gianduja pralines, capable of making everything right with just a bite!

We want to finish off the gianduja celebration with a bang, and there’s no better nominee than the Italian torrone hybrid. While we take you’ve read, or at least skimmed through our luscious blog about torrone, for the newcomers, we will be glad to introduce Italian nougat once again. Torrone is a famous confection, dating back to ancient times. However, there’s an unmatched intrinsic culinary merit beyond its mysterious background. While torrone is usually made with three or four simple ingredients (honey, nuts, and egg whites), the flavor profile is nothing but simple. And, we, at Yummy Bazaar, can take it up a notch even more. With Venchi’s unique gianduja torrone bar, you will be able to savor not one but two legendary treats from Italy with just a single bite. The crispy nougat studded with Piedmont hazelnuts is coated with delicate gianduja chocolate made with 15% nut paste. So, to put it plainly, Venchi has created Creme de la Creme of torrones and chocolate bars simultaneously. Our favorite way to enjoy the irresistible goodness of this Venchi treat is to pair it with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Don’t be shy to dunk your pieces for the ultimate melty delight and delicate crunch of the torrone heart!

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Now You Know Exactly Where to Buy Gianduja Chocolate Online

We’re happy to help you choose your new favorites to add luscious flavors to any time of your day. However, there’s no wrong choice when it comes to picking out Italian chocolate, and gianduja in particular - so, shop boldly. Spreads, pralines, torrones, and more can easily be found in our yummy selection. Get browsing and explore your new favorites from Italy without boarding a plane!

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