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Hello, our dear chocophiles! Today is your lucky day because we’re about to take you on the most delicious ride to the place where dark chocolate reigns! Well, some of you will be delighted to hear that, nodding your head with excitement, while others might not be very enthusiastic - “dark chocolate? You mean, intimidatingly sharp and intense?” You’re right, dark chocolate can be all of these things (if you don’t know your way around), but we’re here to prove that it doesn’t have to be. While milk and white chocolate are the ultimate sweet accompaniments to your breakfast, afternoon slump, or late-night snacking, dark chocolate stands out from the rest with its complex nature that requires, dare we say, the proper way of savoring. So, even if you’re not on the dark chocolate team, we advise you to read our field guide to discover all the essential information, tips, and our favorite dark chocolate treats that you, too, will be craving within minutes!

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Sometimes referred to as plain chocolate, the dark chocolate title indicates that the chocolatey goodness you’re looking at is made with high cocoa content. We say, the more, the tastier. Usually, dark chocolate is made with chocolate liquor (or cocoa liquor) - pure cocoa mass. That’s exactly what contributes to the elegance of it. Cocoa liquor contains cocoa solids and fat content derived from cocoa; traditionally, it’s butter. So, to put it plainly, dark chocolate is a simple yet sophisticated treat only consisting of cocoa content - it’s the pure form of chocolate.

Connoisseurs are fluent in the dark chocolate language; however, if you’re just a novice, there are some of the metrics to help you find the right fit for you. Those who know their way around chocolate shelves are familiar with labels “semisweet” and “bittersweet.” Traditionally, bittersweet implies less amount of sugar compared to semisweet. However, standards are the same for both of them - in Europe, it takes at least 35% chocolate liquor and cocoa content for chocolate to classify as dark. According to government regulations in the USA, even only 15% suffices. Despite that, dark chocolate usually is bolder than that - generally, 50% of cocoa content is the most common choice chocophiles spoil themselves with. However, sophisticated connoisseurs typically don’t go below 70%!

Naturally, every dark chocolate treat is different, depending on the cacao beans used and the destination they were sourced from. The flavor mood can range from delicately bitter with floral aromas to creamy, chocolatey goodness. So we think there’s something for every palate in our collection of dark chocolate. To make things easier, we’re about to introduce you to some of the best dark chocolate treats stocked up on our digital shelves. Buckle up; you will be transformed into a dark chocolate lover right here and right now!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side With Our Favorites:

Dark chocolate can be intimidating, we know; however, there’s no good reason to feel that way. We’ve picked some of the universally appreciated dark chocolate treats to help you find exquisite additions to your snack drawer or quick snacking menu. So, if luscious milk and deceiving white chocolate are not up to your speed, we have something for you and your choco-adoring friends.

Let’s start with a little bit of gourmet flair! Yummy Orangello dark chocolate bar by Perugina is a real piece of culinary art, and we have to thank the masters of the Perugina School of Chocolate for it. The centennial experience of Perugina can be tasted in every morsel of the Orangello bar. We can’t think of anyone who could’ve come up with a more elegant pairing - 51% cocoa and luscious orange bits for a crunchy and exciting bite. It has a well-balanced flavor that's delicately bitter with a wonderfully smooth texture. Orange bits are scattered around to give you, the ultimate judge, the pleasure of savoring dark chocolate and refreshing sweetness of the fruit separately, not infusing juxtaposing aromas into the chocolate mass. Perugina used premium quality UTZ-certified cocoa beans to support sustainable farming policies. So, if you’re eyeing dark chocolate but don’t want to shock your taste buds with the ultimate goodness just yet, this rich, tantalizing gluten-free bar from Perugina is just for you!

If you’re ready to go bolder, we have to take it up a notch. Comptoir Du Cacao - a family-run French artisanal chocolatier brand, has created a magnificent delight - rich 72% dark chocolate bar is the ultimate eye candy. It looks enticing and tastes even more so! If you look closely, you will be stunned at the fashion of this treat - the intensely aromatic bar is studded with milk, white, and dark chocolate Eiffel tower figures, transforming your me-time snacking session into a celebration of French flair. Comptoir Du Cacao honors traditional craftsmanship and artisanal methods, as you can probably tell from the looks of the 72% dark chocolate bar. This particular dainty treat has an intense aroma with delicate fruity notes, powerful enough to pick you up at any time of the day! It’s perfectly strong, delicately bitter, and, more importantly, extremely indulgent when paired with classic Italian coffee to your taste. However, glamorous Eiffel white and milk chocolate figures balance out the higher content of cocoa - making it newbie-approved, too.

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If you’re looking for something other than a classic bar, we’re confident you’ll be amazed by unique Terry's dark chocolate orange. While some of you might have gotten incredibly excited by the looks of it, for confused ones, we have to explain. Terry’s is a renowned British company with centuries of experience under its belt. The company is loved for its unique delights, such as this chocolate orange right here. Terry’s chocolate orange ball is shaped like the real fruit with separated sections. However, the secret behind lasting fame is orange oil on the ingredients list. The dark chocolate is harmoniously blended with refreshing citrusy zing and fruity aroma. Don’t just take our word for it; we’re sure nearly every one of your British expat friends goes crazy for Terry’s dark chocolate orange, too. It is perfectly smooth with satisfying creaminess, and if that’s not enough to win over the palates of your choco-loving friends, then its orange shape will work its magic!

We have to finish playing around; dark chocolate lovers might be getting tired of waiting for the ultimately dark goodness to appear. Well, don’t quit on us just yet; we’re about to introduce the ultimate indulgence - 100% dark chocolate. Yes, it’s not a typo. And yes, it packs a punch! However, it’s quite a delicious punch, so don't be scared! We want to give you some time to get ready for the purest form of chocolate goodness… Ready yet? Get ready fo 100% dark chocolate by Chocolat Bonnat - a mind-blowing creation crafted by a famous French chocolatier brand. As you can already tell, the gluten-free delight is free from sugar to deliver the unfiltered intensity of premium quality cocoa beans sourced from southeastern African countries. It’s the bar-ification of cacao beans! Despite the bold 100%, this intimidating chocolate bar is unpredictably smooth with a creamy texture. While it’s not shy of full-bodied intensity, Chocolat Bonnat is not acidic or unpleasantly bitter as uninitiated would expect it to be. Thanks to its creamy texture, it goes down addictively easily. To truly savor the magic of it, nibble on small pieces, let them melt away just like your cares! While 100% dark chocolate is not for novices, it will make an ideal gift for chocolate connoisseurs in your life.

dark chocolate pieces stacked

So, if you’re a chocolate purist or just wandering around in our digital store, eyeing the boldness of dark chocolate from all over the world, you can guide yourself with our quick recommendations. Of course, we couldn’t list all of the treats worthy of your palates, such as the fabled universally loved 72% dark chocolate from Comptoir Du Cacao or Belgian dark chocolate with whole almonds. But, we don’t doubt your skills; if you browse carefully enough, you will be able to treat your taste buds to gushingly tasty earthiness or fruity spiciness of gourmet dark chocolate, and, finally, realize why dark chocolate is deemed the ultimate superfood.

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