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Stock up your pantry with flavors of home from Stonewall Kitchen

Have you ever helped your grandma make a gigantic batch of jam to save a bit of summer for cold winter days? If you have, two things would have made the most lasting impression - first, how terrifyingly enormous the pot she used to make the jam seemed, and second, but just as important, how incredible the whole house smelled for the rest of the day! As if someone had accidentally shattered a jar that contained all the lively, mischievous scents of roaring, summery fields! Those scents would escape from the pot, tickle our noses, force us to giggle with joy, and make us excited for the day we’d finally get to crack open those jars full of summer.

Those aromas are precisely what Jim Stott and Jonathan King were trying to replicate when establishing Stonewall Kitchen in 1991. Little did they know that they were at the beginning of a spectacular journey! With their highest-quality ingredients, reworked and elevated family recipes, and the immense love put into each product, success was inevitable! So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we decided to make this carefully curated selection of all the best products from Stonewall Kitchen to make sure that your pantry never runs out of creations that leave a taste of childhood joy and curiosity on your tongue.

For a perfect start to your day, add a dollop of Stonewall Kitchen jams to your toast

Breakfast can make or break the flow of your entire day. So, in order to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, always have a jar or two of Stonewall Kitchen jam stashed away in your pantry. From their fig and ginger jam to the most renowned wild Maine blueberry jam, there is no end to all the ways you can elevate the most important meal of the day. Pair Stonewall Kitchen lemon curd or their impeccable maple pumpkin butter with your porridge for a tangier twist, and add them to baked desserts of your choice for the most elaborate flavors!  

Do you also happen to be a fan of salty and savory snacks? Our roasted garlic bread spread is here to bring all of your carby cravings to a whole new level - toast a few slices of classic baguette and pair it with this incredible spread to make the most delicious garlic bread you’ve ever had. Combine it with your favorite meals, or enjoy it on its own! You could also snack on some aged parmesan cheese sticks or a few (or the whole box) of aged cheddar beer crackers, so you never get hangry before dinner.

Happen to love sandwiches as much as we do? Then our farmhouse mayo should be essential to your pantry! Add it to your salads, and enjoy every bite! Or pair some beautiful seasonal new potatoes with Stonewall Kitchen garlic aioli to make sure you experience all the best the culinary world has to offer with the least amount of effort! Up for something even more fancy and elaborate? Then give Stonewall Kitchen truffle aioli a go - decadent, aromatic, and inimitable!

Hint: Elevate your cheeseboards with the addition of roasted garlic and onion jam for the ultimate flavor combinations!

Add joy to your pantry with Stonewall Kitchen spreads and sauces from Yummy Bazaar

Whether you’re after some nostalgic flavors to remind you of home or brand new and exciting combinations that will turn your culinary world upside down, Yummy Bazaar is your primary destination! So peruse our selections and discover only the best that cuisines of the world have to offer!

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