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Salami, Traditional Italian Cured Sausage

Salami is a broad term encompassing a wide variety of cured (and sometimes smoked) meat products made from a mix of fermented and air-dried meats. Most often, salami is made from pork or a mixture of pork and beef, but historically it has been made from all kinds of meat. Salami can be made from beef, lamb, poultry, bison, wild boar, etc. At regional artisanal shops, you may even find a horse or donkey salami (traditional treats).

How salami is seasoned depends on the manufacturer, as there’s no ubiquitous recipe. If you like peppery flavors, try hot salami, while fans of mellow flavors will likely enjoy mild, sweet salami. Most of the popular salami varieties like soppressata, Calabrese salami, or Tuscan salami come in both types.

Lovers of more complex flavors are likely to enjoy Genoa salami, traditionally generously flavored with garlic and infused with wine. It’s robust but mellow enough that even children enjoy it.

Famously versatile, salami goes well with most cheeses and vegetables, making it a go-to ingredient for sandwiches, paninis, pizza, frittata, etc. Or just serve it by itself with some crackers or sliced focaccia. It’ll make a fine snack by itself.

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