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French Instant Chicory by Leroux, 7 oz (200 g)

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When caffeine is not your friend, go for instant chicory coffee

Yes, coffee is great. It can even seem like a lifesaver at times. However, caffeine is not always our best friend. What are we supposed to do when we still want to enjoy all the enticing flavors of a good cuppa joe, but it’s way too late in the day for an energy boost? Or what if we’re already pretty stressed out and anxious as is and don’t want to be - you know - stressed out, but faster? Well, for every moment in life when the flavors of coffee are desired, but side-effects aren’t, there’s instant chicory coffee by Leroux to save the day!

This coffee substitute is made out of the chicory plant’s root, and it has all the perfectly caramelized, earthy, and fruity flavors of our favorite hot beverage! Established in 1858, Leroux is the most famous brand when it comes to the production of chicory coffee. With their minds set on progress and revolutionary flavors, the generations of Leroux employees have turned what once was a humble business into the global phenomenon that it is today. Chicory is their main focus, but they make far more than just coffee!

Due to its nutritional value and well-rounded body of flavors, chicory is an excellent substitute not just for coffee but for wheat as well! Ground chicory flour is immensely popular in modern baking. With its darker, caramelized taste, this stunning plant adds a brand new dimension of flavors to even the most familiar and well-known bakes! So get your hands on this authentic French chicory coffee and make everything, from cups of hot and comforting beverages to aromatic coffee-flavored treats and delights!

100% French and intriguingly tasty - Leroux’s chicory coffee is delicious when mixed in with water and even better combined with some milk! Try for yourself, and soon enough, you’ll end up keeping a few jars of it in the pantry, not just as a replacement for coffee but as a genuinely delicious drink of its own!

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