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Are snacks your favorite meal? Cause they definitely are ours! Society makes a lot of weird rules around food, especially when it comes to specific types of food that we’re supposed to have for specific meals. Whether it’s breakfast foods or lunches and dinners, we think an ingredient should have particular qualities to belong to one of these groups. But for those of us who don’t like to be boxed up and tend to crave a wide array of flavors at all times, having culinary boundaries is not as fun as breaking them. And that’s why we love snacks - they can be just about anything you want them to. You can go for sweet or savory, soft or crunchy, fruity or cheesy, or even all of the above at once. And, somehow, every single type of snack can be elevated with the addition of crackers. But have you ever considered how amazing the results would be if you tried introducing some brand new flavors by adding Japanese crackers to your tie-over meals?

And there are so many flavors to choose from! Original Japanese rice crackers by Kameda are a perfect place to start. Crispy, crunchy, satisfying, and extremely versatile! They pair well with cheeseboards, peanut butter and jelly, fruity jams, - not to mention, they make great additions to salads and soups as well! For a sweeter twist, you could go with condensed milk rice crackers or the impeccable brown sugar soybean senbei - you’ve never had flavors like these before!

How about something salty? There are more than enough options to choose from! Would you prefer Sanko Japanese rice crackers with Shio salt, Bourbon saltine crackers, or Japanese rice crackers with seaweed nori? If you’d like some heat with your savory snacks, Himemaru rice crackers by Amanoya are your perfect match, and if you want them tangier, you won’t find a better option than Wakaboto’s assorted Japanese rice crackers!

If you want even more classic Japanese flavors, we’ve got you covered! Have you ever really checked how well you can handle your spice? Because Daiko’s wasabi crackers with seaweed are about to test your endurance! Kaki-pi rice crackers mix with peanuts, while not as hot, definitely packs just as much punch when it comes to flavors! So if you think that bland food is a sacrilegious phenomenon, these options are just what you need! And if all of these exquisite tastes have confused you and you’re starting to feel the same way you did while watching Sofie’s choice, don’t just pick one aroma - go for Imoto’s Japanese bean cracker mix and try every flavor you’ve been intrigued by!

So dive headfirst into our mouthwatering collection, buy Japanese snacks online, and make sure that all of your upcoming meals have as many exciting flavor combinations as possible!

You don’t know what flavor explosions are until you’ve tried Japanese crackers from Yummy Bazaar!

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