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Italian Heart Shaped Easter Cake with Chocolate Cream by Dal Colle, 1.7 lb (750 g)
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Italian Egg-Shaped Cake with Pistachio Cream by Dal Colle, 1.7 lb (750 g)
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Heart-Shaped Cake with Stracciatella Cream & Chocolate by Dal Colle, 1.7 lb (750 g)

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Feel Festive with Italian Seasonal Cakes

The holidays are known for bringing on an array of tasty treats, but perhaps one of the most beloved traditions is the tables lined with Italian seasonal cakes, like panettone and panforte. With rich almond flavors and chunks of fruit in every bite, these cakes have become synonymous with seasonal cheer — but thanks to Yummy Bazaar, you can have Italian seasonal cakes delivered right to your door, any time you want. Because we believe that life is worth celebrating no matter what the occasion may be.

The Best Italian Fruit and Almond Cakes

Rich with history and flavor, authentic Italian seasonal cakes like panettone and panforte are often thought of as a dessert served around Christmas. However, now that Italian cake brands have made these delicacies more widely available, fruit cake lovers can now have these treats year-round.

While it is hard to say what the actual origin of panettone might be, it is certain that panettone has become a staple far beyond Milan, Italy. Giving panettone to friends and family around the holidays is not only a simple act of kindness but a gesture that is rich in history and tradition.

Traditionally speaking, panettone is Italian cake-like bread that is stuffed with fruit like dried raisins, candied orange, and candied lemon peel originally from Milan that has been embraced by fans worldwide. If you have never tried panettone or find yourself craving the taste of Christmas, start with Balocco IL Panettone. Made with only the finest ingredients, this Italian fruit cake tastes like it came straight from your Grandmother’s kitchen.

Similar to the widely loved panettone is the Italian almond cake, panforte. Italian for “strong bread”, its name comes in part from its deep spicy flavor and hearty texture. Originally a Christmas pastry from Siena, panforte is now enjoyed any time of the year by locals and Italian food fanatics alike.

So go ahead and celebrate life’s little moments with a slice of Sapori Margherita Almond and Candied Fruit Cake Panforte. With almost 200 years of history, you can rest easy knowing that your Italian fruit cake has come from Sapori’s expert hands. You can also buy their Fig and Walnut Panforte online to delight your senses with some fresh and exciting flavors.

Being that many of Italian’s seasonal cakes are associated with the holidays, they also make great gifts for the dessert lover in your life. Simply pick up a solo cake or grab the Fiasconaro Panettone Italian Holiday Gift from Yummy Bazaar to take the guesswork out of the perfect Italian gift.

So whether you are in the throes of the holiday season or simply want to satisfy a craving, Yummy Bazaar has Italian seasonal cakes all-year-round for your dining pleasure.

Buy Seasonal Italian Cakes Online

No holiday dessert spread or special occasion is complete without an authentic Italian almond or fruit cake — so be sure to make Yummy Bazaar your first stop for dessert success. With a hand-selected selection of Italian seasonal cakes, your sweet tooth will jump for joy. Simply buy your desired desserts online and cue your happy dance.

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