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Taste the luscious flavors of Italian croissants by Paluani

When you hear the word croissants, the first thing that comes to your mind is French croissants, right? What if we told you that Italian croissants are much sweeter and just as delicious as your typical French classic? At first glance, you might struggle and think that Italian cornettos and French croissants are the same things. They’re both flaky pastries shaped like crescent moons, but Italian croissants are slightly more plump, soft, and sweet. And most importantly, stuffed with delicious stuffings that make cornetti Italy’s favorite breakfast pastry.

Italians are known for their love for sweet breakfast. Millions of Italians partake in an everyday morning ritual of cuppa and cornetti. Naturally, Italians would be the masters of creating the most delicious Italian croissants, but not everybody has the time to bake them, which is why we at Yummy Bazaar bring the most exquisite selection of Paluani pastry to satisfy your morning sweet cravings and help you discover the croissant of your dreams!

Established in 1921, Paluani croissants & donuts have been loved and enjoyed by adults and children alike. With 100 years of experience, this Italian brand offers you the sweetest, soft, and puff pastries with sweet fillings that instantly melt in the mouth like powdered sugar sprinkles. If you want to taste the true essence of Italian pastries, Paluani desserts are for you!

For all the chocolate lovers out there, Paluani chocolate croissants make for a perfectly indulgent Italian breakfast option. These fluffy & soft croissants are filled with creamy chocolate filling, making them a wonderful accompaniment to a cup of a hot morning latte. If you want your croissants a little more toasty and crispy, heat them up in a toaster oven and enjoy! Want some chocolatey donuts? Paluani chocolate donuts filled with sweet and creamy chocolate and moist, fluffy donut loaf make for a delightful treat at any time of the day.

Many have fallen for classically sweet Paluani donuts filled with creamy custard filling. Each bite of Paluani custard donuts sink your teeth into the timeless creamy goodness sprinkled with a touch of sweet powdered sugar to bring all that indulgent decadence to your taste buds!

Paluani pistachio croissants make for a deliciously soft and fluffy dessert filled with nature’s super nut, pistachio’s creamy twist. Make sure to pair them with a cup of tea to bring out the lovely and delicately earthy flavors of pistachios. If you crave a more tart and sweet flavored dessert, Paluani apricot croissants filled with creamy and juicy apricot jam will instantly satisfy your taste buds. Prefer something more sweet & sour? Paluani wild berries croissants filled with creamy wild berry filling make for a delightfully tasty treat at any time of the day!

Where to buy Paluani croissants? Yummy Bazaar!

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