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You can never go wrong with authentic flavors of Sapori Italian cookies!

Are you a cookie enthusiast who simply wants to enjoy the most delicious, crumbly, and nutritious cookies? Want to get a taste of classic Italian biscuits? If your answer to both of these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place! If you didn’t know already, Italian gourmet pastries are a part of the Italian breakfast ritual. Hence why we, at Yummy Bazaar, have created a curated selection of Italy’s oldest patisserie brands, Sapori cookies, so you too can have breakfast like a true Italian!

With almost 200 years of experience, Sapori is one of the oldest patisserie brands in Italy. Why is that so special? For all these years, Sapori biscotti has remained the symbol of Tuscan baking tradition. Sapori pastries have successfully survived the test of time. The key to this success? Dedication to combining the best ingredients with that deep Italian passion and tradition.

Nothing can top an Italian breakfast consisting of scrumptious cookies and a latte. The number one breakfast cookies in Italy? The truly ancient specialty from Tuscany, Sapori Cantuccini itself! This baker’s masterpiece crafted with fresh barn eggs, milk, honey, and a shower of whole almonds has an unmistakably irresistible aroma of vanilla and citrus fruits. The texture? Heavenly! Cantuccini are baked twice to make the perfectly crunchy cookies that create a crunchy, sensual delight unlike any other.

For a more chocolatey Cantuccini, try Sapori Cantuccini with dark chocolate chunks, they’re so much softer than almond cookies! Prefer softer almond biscuits to accompany your breakfast coffee? Sapori soft amaretti biscuits filled with earthy yet delicate nutty aromas are the way to go! Some people just love that pleasurable bite of extra soft and sweet biscuits, and for those, we absolutely recommend delicately fragrant Sapori Ricciarelli pastries that will satisfy your craving with their unparalleled airy texture.

Want something decadent with a touch of Italian tradition? Sapori Margherita Panforte will be the dessert of your dreams! This traditional Tuscan sweet dessert with a satisfyingly chewy texture and a touch of candied fruits & whole almonds creates a unique blend that is handcrafted to guarantee the authenticity of Panforte!

If you are a fan of walnuts and love the taste of sweet figs, try Sapori fig and walnut panforte made with fresh Italian walnuts and figs. Sapori almond cake & walnut cake are delightful desserts that are traditionally made for Christmas in Italy, but you can definitely still enjoy it served with a cuppa for an energizing breakfast or as an after-dinner delight - Panforte drizzled with some melted chocolate for extra sweetness is a treat good enough to exist outside the confinement of time!

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