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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
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Italian Pandoro with Lemon Cream by Barbiero, 26.4 oz (750 g)
Motta Italian Mini Panettone, 3.2 oz (90 g)
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Baci Perugina Italian Amaretto Chocolate Truffles, 16 Pcs, 7 oz (200 g)
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Baci Amaretto Chocolate Truffles in Luxury Tin, 20 Pcs by Perugina, 8.8 oz (250 g)

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Christmas Specialty Foods from Around the Globe

No matter what your plans are for the season of celebration, you can make the days a bit brighter with holiday favourites from around the globe. For those of you dreaming of Europe, one terrific way to reconnect is through regional food and drink. Sure, you can find a few of those treats in grocery store seasonal displays, but nothing compares to these authentic brands that you just can't find at the corner store. Having a virtual Christmas dinner with your family overseas? With Yummy Bazaar's diverse selection of brands, you can have the same holiday treats here as friends from all over.

Not only do we offer country-specific savory foods and drink, as well as baking goods and teas that make your recipes taste just like they would back home, but we also have an extensive assortment of holiday delights. Whether you want one of Wicklein's wonderful varieties of gingerbread, Quaranta's sliced nougat, or some of Sperlari's tasty torrone or chocolate and hazelnut creations, we've got them ready to go.

Italian Christmas Favorites

Not only can you find panettone in all sorts of flavors, like Maina's Crema al Chiocolatto or Mascarpone Cream and Chocolate Chip, but you can find pandoro, a similar treat from Verona. We also have Fiasconaro panettone in those neatly wrapped packages. Would you prefer a smaller size? Tre Marie and Motta's mini panettone are the perfect gifts for a scaled-down holiday dessert.

German Christmas Favorites

If you're in search of marzipan, you've hit the jackpot. Carstens marzipan bars, Bergen fruit, Funsch pigs, and even Teekanne marzipan-flavored tea are available. Stollen is another popular category, with Schlunder's stollen available in loaf and bites. Throw a holiday party for your friends here and show them all the types of stollen available, from apple pastry to almond to rum.

Christmas Chocolates

And what would the holidays be without chocolate galore? From Mademoiselle de Margaux's chocolate cherries and chocolate orange twigs to Reber's gold cord gift box of assorted Mozart chocolates and Kugeln, you will not lack chocolate. And if, somehow, sweets aren't your holiday jam, we have Sperlari's candied-fruit mostarda for a tangy treat. Your holiday party foods wouldn't be complete without Weiss' coconut and gingerbread cookies -- with chocolate in many cases -- which let you create trays with something for everyone.

Holiday Food Gifts

If you're looking instead for holiday food gifts that transcend the usual tin of liquor-marinated cherries, try one of the many gift collections of cookies from Lambertz. We also have Advent calendars and stocking stuffers -- and even a pre-stuffed stocking from Milka -- to complete your Christmas gift list.

Shop Our Holiday Party Foods Easily Online & Have Products Shipped Directly to Your Door

The normal desire to make the holidays a time of happiness is stronger than ever after the past several months. This year has reinforced the notion that while life may be unpredictable, you have to seek joy however you can and treasure your friends and family. Yummy Bazaar is where you need to look for those authentic foods and drinks you relish. Shop our holiday food market online and get those products sent right to your door, with free shipping if you order at least $69 worth of items!