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Uncover the World of French Chocolate With Mademoiselle de Margaux

Are you looking for something unique, never-even-seen before specialty treat to add to your luscious party favor arsenal? At Yummy Bazaar, we know just what you need - it’s Mademoiselle de Margaux’s chocolate. In our French chocolate online store, you’ll find various signature French chocolate products from one of the renowned brands hailing from mesmerizing Margaux.

Mademoiselle de Margaux chocolate factory was founded in 1969 and ever since has been one of the leading names on the French chocolate market. Headquartered in the old cellar of the vineyard, the assortment of the brand gushes with the inspiration from the local winery traditions. Luckily, the award-winning French chocolate from Mademoiselle de Margaux is effortlessly easy to savor - you just have to scroll through our online assortment, choose your top picks, and we will deliver them right to your door.

The excellence of Mademoiselle de Margaux’s chocolate is easy to spot. The unique French chocolate treats presented in our selection were dreamed up with signature, unparalleled recipes. The extraordinary chocolate twigs, also known as Sarments du Medoc, are made with the finest pure cocoa butter chocolate and flavorings, such as mint, raspberry, strawberry & more. Fortunately, you can find them all on Yummy Bazaar. The unique shape of Sarments du Medoc is made to resemble local vine shoots from the famed Margeaux vineyard. However, they were born from pure culinary luck - mechanical error in the production process is responsible for twisted shapes that inspired the Mademoiselle de Margaux’s chocolatiers to create trademarked French chocolate treats. With us, you can also buy La Guinette - pleasantly sour Morello cherries soaked in Armagnac, a French brandy, and covered with dark chocolate made with pure cocoa butter. If you think it sounds tempting, just wait till you give them a taste!

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At Yummy Bazaar, we take time to curate and offer our loyal customers one of the most extensive selections of fine & fun food, snacks & beverages from around the world. Of course, our online grocery store also includes exquisite French chocolate and the leading brands on the market, such as Mademoiselle de Margaux. We think it will be the perfect choice for everyone looking for specialty, unique chocolate at the most convenient prices. Have a look at our assortment, pick your favorites, and we will be happy to deliver a little bit of France right to your door.