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All the Italian Candy Lovers, Rejoice! Sperlari Candy is at Yummy Bazaar!

Welcome, those with a taste for Italy. You’ve come to Yummy Bazaar’s online assortment of Italy’s favorite confectionery brand. Loved for an unmatched range of traditional Italian candy, torrone, and more, you can buy various Sperlari products with us online!

With over 180 years of experience, Sperlari has become one of the sought-after brands in Italy, specializing in traditional confectionery delights, such as slow-boiled Italian candy, nougat, and unique chocolate treats. Born in Cremona, the company prides itself on dedication to introducing the rest of the world to local specialties, such as torrone and mostarda! Never ceasing to amaze, Sperlari is Italy’s favorite supplier of seasonal confections, and with the help of Yummy Bazaar, it can be your go-to, too!

Our online assortment of Sperlari can help you stock your snacks drawer with authentic Italian flavors of soft and hard torrone bars, candied mostarda, chocolate, and, of course, beloved Italian candy. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the luxury of choice - don’t be; we’re here to give you a quick breakdown of the assortment. If you’re a fan of Italian nougat, Sperlari will effortlessly satisfy your cravings. At Yummy Bazaar, you can buy soft and oh-so-chewy torrone and brittle nougat from Italy. If that’s not enough, don’t hesitate to check out Morbidello candies by Sperlari, combining nougat pieces with a rich chocolate coating.

If you’re a fan of Italian candy, congratulations, it’s what Sperlari is loved for. On Yummy Bazaar, you will find myriads of refreshing flavors, ranging from bright mint to summery citrus. Made according to traditional hard-boiling methods, Sperlari’s hard candies reign supreme when it comes to lasting aroma and ice-cold sensations. Luckily for all the candy enthusiasts, on Yummy Bazaar, we sell bulks of Sperlari’s most popular Italian candy flavors, so you can easily stock up.

You can also buy authentic Italian mostarda with us. It’s a fruity condiment hailing from Northern Italy. Usually made with candied fruits, seasonings, and mustard-flavored syrup, mostarda is an essential addition to meaty dishes, cheese platters, and savory Italian dishes. So, broaden your horizons with Italian mostarda from Sperlari, and discover what lays beyond your go-tos!

Craving Italian Candy? Discover Sperlari’s Assortment!

At Yummy Bazaar, we’re determined to curate the most extensive online assortment of fine & fun food from around the world at prices you’ll love to savor. We include ever-loved flavors from your childhood along with unique foreign-born must-tries. If Sperlari’s assortment of Italian candy and torrone has got you hooked, we recommend taking a look at our Italian grocery store to discover even more lovely brands hailing from the boots peninsula!