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Stollen, The Seminal German Christmas Sweet Bread

Stollen, often called Christstollen or Weihnachtsstollen, is a dense cake-like sweet bread straddled with various ingredients like candied or dried fruit, nuts, spices, rum-softened raisins, sultanas, or currants.

The most famous (and the only one with the PGI status) stollen variety is the Dresdner stollen. It has a lot of similarities to a classic dense and sweet stollen bread with candied fruit but is beholden to much stricter recipe guidelines, where each key ingredient is added at a precise ratio.

Much like Dresdner stollen, there are other stollen varieties that call for a strict ingredient proportion before they can be classified. For a stollen to be classified as an almond, marzipan, or butter stollen, it’s not enough to just add the ingredients to the dough, it needs to adhere to a certain dough-to-ingredients ratio.

Traditionally, stollen is shaped like a large log, but nowadays, it’s common for producers to play around with the weight and the form, with smaller logs, miniature stollen bites,” and individually packaged slices becoming more and more popular.

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