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From olive tapenade to gherkin pickles - savory snacks for all!  

Have you ever had a meal that was technically okay, didn’t really have any issues you could point out right away, but still felt lackluster and left you wanting something more? Well, we definitely have! And what we’ve come to realize is that, more often than not, the problem with those types of meals is not what’s in them but what is not. So we decided to make this little curated selection of all the things you could add to your daily diet to make it more satisfying, exciting, and flavorful. Here are our top picks for authentic French olives, capers, tapenades, and other miscellaneous delights!

When it comes to foods that work on their own while also pairing well with other flavors, nothing beats olives! Well, except for maybe authentic lucques olives or, if you’re into tart tastes - picholine olives. But no matter what shape and form you enjoy them in, the point still stands - these tiny pearls of flavor are the ultimate pantry staples for savory snack lovers!

Although, if there is one thing that can compete with olives, it’s olive tapenades! We love convenient foods, especially when they come in the form of spreads! Whether you add it to your sandwiches or your snack boards, they will elevate every other flavor without any extra effort. So from black to green olive tapenades, we’ve got you covered! And if you prefer your pastes in different flavors, there is more than enough for you as well - from artichoke spreads to eggplant caviar and sundried tomato paste - there is no end to all the options you can pick from!

But snacks aren’t just about flavor; they are also about texture! And what’s missing from our seemingly perfect meals is often a bit of crunch. But fear none! With our selection of French gherkin pickles, sauerkraut, and artichoke hearts, your crunchy cravings are in good hands! Zingy, bright, and refreshing - these incredible options have got it all! And picking a favorite is not going to be easy…

And as for more elaborate meals - well, there are quite a few ways you could go here as well - make the most incredible pesto for your bowl of fresh pasta with our French capers in vinegar or create creamy sauces with the addition of varieties of dried mushrooms. Would you like to take those flavors through the roof? Add some of our sweet garlic with chili, and we promise you’ll never look back!

No matter what is missing from your kitchen, there is most likely a solution to be found in French cuisine. And if there’s a flavor that can be found in France, we’ll make sure that you can find it here as well!

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