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French Instant Chicory by Leroux, 7 oz (200 g)

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All the Best Coffee Alternatives Worth Trying Are on Yummy Bazaar

It’s needless to say that cuppa joe has a starring role in our AM routine. However, exacerbating anxiety or late-cup insomnia caused by caffeine often takes its toll on us, pushing us to search for coffee alternatives. At Yummy Bazaar, we’ve done your research for you and curated an aromatic collection of all the best coffee alternatives available on the market. The assumption of coffee alternatives being less delicious, vibrant, or uplifting than coffee doesn’t necessarily have to be accurate, and our delicious selection proves our point.

In our collection of coffee alternatives, you’ll meet one of the most popular substitutes of jittery joe - the best chicory coffee produced by fabled Leroux. The French brand has been processing chicory root goodness with unmatched expertise for more than 160 years. Inulin-rich chicory has become a staple worldwide, but it was precisely France where it first originated as an aromatic drink. Being one of the best coffee alternatives on the market, chicory coffee resembles regular cuppa joe with its intense aroma and connoisseur-approved ever-so-slight bitterness. It also adds enchanting woodiness to the flavor concoction. If you’re looking for a delicious caffeine-free cuppa, the best chicory coffee by Leroux will make your dreams come true.

However, if you’re determined to get as close to coffee as possible, we carry unique barley coffee made by honored Crastan. The renowned Italian brand has been producing the best of the best coffee alternatives, capable of uplifting and charging you for the day, as some say, even more successfully than regular joe. Crastan’s barley coffee drinks (sometimes referred to as barley beverages and Orzo coffee in Italian) are made with sun-ripened raw material grown on the breathy hillsides of Italy. Therefore, the unique coffee alternative doesn’t undergo a chemical decaffeination process and is naturally caffeine-free and delicious. Generally, barley coffee is made with roasted and ground barley and comes in a soluble form. You can buy Italian barley beverages and chicory coffee and crown your favorite coffee alternative!

Replace Your Jittery Joe With The Best Coffee Alternatives

So, if you’re looking for the best coffee alternatives to tone down jittery mornings triggered by robust caffeine at Yummy Bazaar, you can buy two of the most sought-after coffee substitutes - the best chicory coffee and Italian Orzo, aka barley coffee! Both options are temptingly aromatic, delicious, and, more importantly, rich in nutrients.

No matter which coffee alternative you choose to be your new mainstay, you’re making a delicious decision shopping at Yummy Bazaar, your soon-to-be favorite provider of international gourmet food at the most convenient prices. And, don’t forget about the accompanying dainties for your caffeine-free cuppa. We think it’ll be a good idea to finally give French butter cookies or crispy Italian cantuccini a taste and dunk your way through the morning - what do you think?