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Crastan Effervescent with Lemon 8.8 oz. (250g)

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Discover Italian Barley Beverage & More From Crastan!

Looking for perfectly delicious coffee alternatives for a caffeine-free cuppa joe? Luckily, you’ve arrived at the right place. At Yummy Bazaar, we sell tried-and-tested instant barley beverages from a legendary Italian brand- Crastan.

Crastan is a fabled brand, tirelessly serving to stock Italian coffee stations since 1870! With more than 152 years of expertise, the brand specializes in chicory-based coffee alternatives and other caffeine-free beverages, such as iconic Italian ‘Orzo” coffee, made with barley, a type of cereal grain, loved for its delicious nutty flavor. “Orzo Pupo” has been the signature product of Crastan’s story and has become an all-time favorite in Italian households. The careful attention to detail and irreplaceable flavors are not the only things Crastan is prized for: the Italian brand was one of the firsts on the market to get into the organic world, always striving to make the lives of coffee producers & lovers better step by step. So, Crastan’s barley beverages are not only moreish, but they’re good for the planet, too!

In our online assortment of Crastan, you’ll find various products, including prized Orzo Pupo or barley beverages. The unique instant barley beverage is made with one of the best Italian cereal grain varieties, sourced from certified farms. Ripened by the sun of the hilly regions in Italy, barley carries ever-so-slight luscious flavors that, when ground, masterfully complement milk foam and cream. So, if you’re looking for a naturally caffeine-free substitute (made without chemical decaffeination process) coffee substitutes, Crastan will do a terrific job! Along with classic barley beverages, we also sell roasted & ground varieties. Lastly, we couldn’t skip out on one more legendary product from the brand - it’s the ultimate aid, aka Italian effervescent in a glass jar. After a long hearty dinner, Crastan effervescent will be right here to ease up the heavy feelings with just a few teaspoons. Infused with zingy lemon juice, famous effervescent is pleasantly fizzy, too.

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If you’re looking to buy the best effervescent drink or barley beverages for finally saying no to caffeine, Crastan’s online selection on Yummy Bazaar will definitely help. We have curated an assortment versatile enough to satisfy all of your needs. So, have a look around, shop what it is you need & crave, and we will do everything to deliver it right to your door ASAP.

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