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If you live in a major U.S. metropolitan area, you may have your pick of Asian and Chinese grocery stores. But once you're outside these large cities, your choices for where to find Chinese foods and cooking ingredients suddenly drop. And while the local supermarket might have a few items in its international aisle, the brands available might be very limited. If you rely on certain brands for your cooking and snacking, that isn't going to cut it. Yummy Bazaar has the major authentic Chinese food and drink brands that you crave.

Our selection of sauces, drink boxes, snacks, and more go a little deeper than the few bottles you might see on the shelf at the grocery store. While it is a lot easier now to find Lao Gan Ma's coveted spicy chili crisp outside of Chinese food markets, that might be your only option at a physical store. Order from Yummy Bazaar, though, and you'll find not only spicy chili crisp in different sizes, but also Lao Gan Ma's fried chili in oil, chili oil with black bean, hot chili sauce, and even mushroom chili oil.

Lee Kum Kee might be one of the best-known -- and easiest to find -- brands of sauce, but like Lao Gan Ma, your local store might have only a few types of LKK's famous products. Go beyond plain soy sauce and get a gluten-free version; we offer LKK's non-GMO lower sodium soy sauce, too. Best of all, you'll find LKK's Chef's Select and low-sodium soy sauces available in individual packets for those takeout meals you get while on the go.

Speaking of those individual packets, we have even better news: You can buy LKK's hoisin sauce and sriracha chili sauce in that size. You will never have a bland takeout meal again when you can keep a few of these packets with you! And if you're trying to increase the range of dishes you can make at home and sorely miss those authentic flavors you used to be able to find in China, LKK's prepared sauce and marinade packets and hot pot broths are a great option. We carry 15 varieties, from honey garlic to mapo tofu, and from seafood hot pot bases to pork bone broth.

We've got more sauces, too, from triple citrus sauce to premium XO sauce. When you shop our Chinese grocery store online, you'll find more than enough options to create meals that take you back to your years in China.

Sauces and broths aren't the only foods you miss, right? Of course not -- and we have everything from Want Want candy and potato twists to their senbei and egg biscuit balls. Fish jerky sticks and fried noodle snacks round out your choices; wash them down with bottled Vita lemon tea. We also carry six-packs of Vita Hong Kong-style milk tea or guava juice, or get the classic Vitasoy soy milk boxes for a plant-based, protein-packed treat.

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Whether you need a simple sauce or want some pork floss and tapioca pearls for your dinner and dessert recipes, you can find them at Yummy Bazaar. We are dedicated to stocking those brands and products that you can't find. If you want authentic Chinese flavor, we're your go-to online store. Shop our Chinese grocery section online and get your order shipped directly to your door. Take advantage of our free shipping offer when you order $59 or more of products!