wrapped chocolate easter egg

Easter celebration calls for chocolate bunnies, eggs, and a heavily packed sweets basket. The staples might stay the same across the globe, but, once again, Italy manages to stand out. The famous Italian Easter eggs look like they’ve got a unique upgrade. Once spring arrives, super-sized and super-delicious chocolate Easter eggs start popping out on the shelves of the local Italian chocolatiers, markets, and everywhere else you look. Let’s be honest - Italian Easter eggs have become a culinary phenomenon worthy of dedicating a rundown of how the customs of egg-gifting came about and how you can participate without boarding a plane. So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

wrapped chocolate easter egg

Marvelous Italian Easter Eggs

Only second to Christmas, Easter in Italy is a big deal! It calls for an abundance of sweets, and, obviously, chocolate is the boot peninsula’s go-to! The love story of Italy and chocolate is known to all, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Italians took the chance of upgrading their Easter celebrations and successfully transformed classic hollow chocolate eggs into what could be deemed a culinary work of art. While real-sized chocolate bunnies, lambs, or other classic Easter treats might look slightly off-putting, Italian Easter eggs are the opposite. The oversized aromatic treats are usually dressed in eye-catching wrapping paper, instantly conquering your heart. As a general rule, they even hide a surprise gift inside. So, it’s safe to say, Italian Easter eggs and those beloved yet plain hollow eggs stocked up in your local grocery store are two different things!

Italian Easter eggs are the ultimate spring celebration gift. The tradition is thought to be born after the 1950s’ when chocolate was relatively inexpensive compared to other sweets. So, chocolate Easter eggs have been a staple of Italian Easter celebratory dinners’ for decades now. However, along with the tempting chocolate shell, Italians tend to hide their main gift inside the hollow treat. So, Italian Easter eggs often serve as camouflage, but they’re dressed in the most eye-catching, vibrant colors you’ve ever laid your eyes on, so…

Le uova di Pasqua or Italian Easter eggs are often considered a dessert, enjoyed equally at breakfast or celebratory dinner. Well, they easily can take on both: satisfying a sweet tooth over breakfast and dinner at the same time because Italian Easter eggs are quite large. They range from classic to enormous and anywhere in between. It's no surprise and coincidence that Italy is the birthplace of the biggest Easter egg in the world. Made in 2011, the gigantic 34 ft. (10.39 m) Italian Easter egg proudly holds the title of Guinness World Record!

One big and small chocolate Easter eggs

However, in modern times, Italian Easter eggs have become extravagant gifts, hiding everything from wedding rings to surprise plane tickets inside - the bigger the egg, the more unexpected the gift. However, that’s not always the case. The tradition has become one with Easter, so, gift or not, the one thing you’re bound to find in Italian Easter eggs is premium quality chocolate. Before weeks leading up to Easter, shelves of local shops, artisanal chocolatiers, or confectionery stores are proudly stocked with eye-catching, beautifully dressed Easter eggs, most of the time hand-made, painted, and decorated! They are enjoyed to sweeten up traditional Italian breakfast, paired with a cuppa joe, or served over traditional dinner along with fabled Colomba cake and other must-have desserts!

Intrigued Yet?! Discover Italian Easter Eggs Online

For Italy, eye-catching and unapologetically big Easter eggs represent the cycle of life, a reminder that in spring, everything turns around. If you want to taste the traditions, on Yummy Bazaar, we’ve got a delectable selection of Italian Easter eggs, so you can stock your baskets with Italian flair without boarding a plane.

In Yummy Bazaar’s assortment, we’ve gathered all the trusted Italian chocolatier brands for you to stock up your spring festivities with unmatched flavors. Starting from classic milk and dark chocolate, we also carry unique raspberry Italian Easter eggs by Baci x D&G. Now; this must have piqued your interest. Even with just a look at the vibrant, red packaging, you’ll know it's iconic Perugina who created the one-of-a-kind treat. The legendary Italian chocolatier brand has been delivering tempting chocolate treats for nearly a century now, but nothing has surpassed Baci. The signature pralines, originally made by Luisa Spagnoli in 1922, got a unique raspberry makeover, and you can find them all inside Baci's Easter egg.  

Baci Red Easter Egg

However, if you’re trying to liven up your festive dinners with more eye-catching decorations, take a look at our selection of Del Conte. Founded 70 years ago, the Italian confectionery brand has made a name for itself as a trusted supplier of all things Italian chocolate. You can find various sizes of milk and dark chocolate Easter eggs adorned with beautiful, plain, floral, abstract & adorable packaging. Feel free to go beyond the Easter basket. Del Conte’s Italian Easter eggs make a mesmerizing decoration, gifts for your little ones or friends & family.

Speaking of your little ones, we have a surprise for them too! We were determined to make the Easter holiday delicious for everyone; that’s why Dolgam's assortment of Easter eggs is generously packed with delectable treats that come with surprises. And, by surprise, we mean adorable-looking unicorns, dinosaurs, and more toys to surprise those eagerly awaiting Easter and all the sweets that come with it! Just make these Italian Easter eggs the crown jewel of your egg hunts and wait to see your little ones’ faces light up with joy while uncovering Dolgam’s goodness!

We’ve tried our best to give you a quick rundown on a tradition of mesmerizing Italian Easter eggs and how you can buy them online without paying a visit to the boot peninsula. Aside from the mentioned Italian chocolatier brands, you will find a myriad more in our assortment, such as La Luisa, La Fede, Marinella & more. And, don’t forget - they look great but taste even better. So, don’t hesitate to let your favorite Italian Easter eggs elevate your chocolate chip cookies, chocolate fridge cakes, and even Easter edition rocky road, and indulge! Once you’re done picking your favorite Italian Easter eggs, you can take a look at our online assortment of Easter products and order everything from Cadbury’s Creme Eggs to real eggshells chocolate eggs by Gut Springenheide at prices you’ll love!

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