Italian dinner with spaghetti dishes and wine
Easter, only second to Christmas, is Italy's favorite holiday, celebrated in the spirit of American Thanksgiving! Once spring arrives, the windows of local shops, market shelves, even the first outdoor dining tables are heavily packed with chocolate lambs, chick figures, and, of course, extravagantly-dressed Italian Easter eggs, luring everyone in with an abundance of chocolate. The week leading up to Easter includes solemn masses and various religious rituals, but Pasqua is widely enjoyed and celebrated across the country nearly in the same spirit. Without boarding a plane to get you to the boot peninsula in time, there's not much you can do to experience the Italian Easter, or that's what you are thinking. Well, you're wrong. You can always savor Italian Easter traditions with us! The Easter Colomba cake, traditional Italian Easter eggs & other treats are the big part that makes Italian Easter unique. And luckily for you, we've combined them all in our selection so that you can enjoy Italian Easter essentials in the comfort of your own home! So, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of some of the must-try Italian Easter foods, shall we?!
Italian dinner with spaghetti dishes and wine

Let's Start With Essentials - Meet Italian Easter Eggs!

Easter is nothing without eye-catching, boldly dressed Italian Easter eggs! The vibrant, sometimes even enormous, chocolate Easter eggs proudly populate every nook and cranny in Italy. What's so special about Italian Easter eggs, you might ask? First things first - it's made with Italian chocolate, renowned for the careful blending of the finest beans, achieved by the centuries-old traditions that you can read all about in our lengthy blog. However, Italian Easter eggs are not just sweet snacks; they have become a renowned cultural phenomenon. After World War II, chocolate was a relatively inexpensive sweet to enjoy. So, it became an inseparable part of the Springtime celebration, equally affordable for all. Italian Easter eggs quickly got a new role, too - they have become a delicious gift camouflage, hiding everything from engagement rings to car keys inside! However, gift or not, its dazzling looks are what make the delicious Italian Easter eggs compete in a league of their own.

wrapped chocolate easter egg

As you can see, even just by quickly scrolling through our assortment, Italian Easter eggs make a statement; they are dressed in spring colors to symbolize the cycle of life. With springtime, everything comes around, and that's precisely what Italian Easter eggs showcase with lively colors! So, if you want your Easter basket to bloom with colors and Italian excellence, scroll through our selection and discover Italian Easter eggs by the fabled Baci, Perugina, Del Conte & more at prices you'll love!

Anytime Colomba Cake!

Colomba cake has been an Easter essential ever since the 7th century. The beloved dove-shaped cake is thought to be created in Lombardy when the Queen hosted Irish pilgrims, guided by Saint Columbanus. He was the one who transformed the local delicacies presented at the festive dinner into lent-appropriate dove-shaped cakes, soon inspiring the creation of Colomba cakes! However, this is not the only culinary lore about Colomba cakes, and if you're interested to read more, you can take a look at our blog. The Italian Easter cake has a light texture yet buttery, fragrant dough, often packed with dried fruits or raisins. As a general rule, it's sprinkled with pearl sugar and nuts for a crunchier bite!

Colomba with  pistachio glaze

These dove-shaped Colomba cakes might look plain, but making them from scratch takes an unmatched dedication and will of power! It takes at least 24 hours to rise several times and get all puffy! So, it's only natural you'd want to skip to the delicious part. We have curated a tempting collection of Colomba cakes from Italy so that you can buy them online at prices you'll love. At Yummy Bazaar, you can shop legendary Italian confectionery brands, such as Fiasconaro, Bauli, Tre Marie & more. We made sure to include Colomba cake for any occasion. On Yummy Bazaar, you'll find everything from classic, traditional Colomba cake to unique rendition with Gianduja chocolate filling. With us, you can also buy Colomba cakes in gift packaging to surprise your ex-pat friends. Take a look at Fiasconaro's Easter cakes made in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana, adorned with beautiful luxurious tins, and pick your favorite. Colomba cake studded with Sicilian almonds, infused with locally made Sicilian chocolate, and many more renditions by Fiasconaro, are waiting to take your Easter up a notch!

Can't Forget About the Main Course

Traditional sweets, such as famous Easter eggs and Colomba cake, are usually served for breakfast since Italy likes to start on sweeter notes. So, dinner is time for traditional soups, beloved egg pasta, and lamb dishes to shine. The festive feast is usually kicked off with the famous Easter antipasti - a savory pie filled with boiled eggs, cheese, and green peas, a creation resembling Pizza Rustica. Next up is ever-loved pasta or risotto, as a general rule, flavored with springtime vegetables, such as Borlotti, Piselli beans & more Italian varieties.

Slow baked lamb leg with potatoes

However, lamb dishes are the ultimate must of the Italian spring feast, preparation methods varying from region to region. It could be roasted with potatoes & peas, cooked in white wine with aromatic herbs and anchovies, or marinated and BBQ’d into crispy cutlets. However, Coratella is one of the most popular lamb dishes across Italy. The signature Roman dish uses lamb interiors, including hearts, lungs, & liver, which are cooked with Italian white wine, aromatic EVOO, seasoning, and, as a rule, are served with artichokes!

Don’t Forget Italian Coffee & Ammazzacaffè!

For a dessert course, Colomba cake & chocolate easter eggs make a delicious comeback. However, they are enjoyed in a truly Italian fashion - paired with authentic Italian coffee! Some even go to the length to serve a cuppa joe in a chocolate egg placed in the espresso cup. Make sure you’re quick with sipping on that java before it melts away. And, after the tempting cuppa joe, don’t forget about the Ammazzacaffè, also known as a coffee killer liqueur. It's easy to guess; it’s consumed right after coffee to combat its jittery side effects. Grappa, Amaro, and Sambuca will be perfect for finishing a festive Easter feast and lightening up in true Italian style.

Two cups of espresso

See?! You can enjoy Easter in true Italian fashion without boarding a plane. On Yummy Bazaar, we made sure to combine all the necessary treats & products to help you transform your springtime festivities with Italian flavors. Whether it’s classic Colomba cake you need or Italian easter eggs for decorating your dinner table, you can find them all & more in our online selection of Easter products from around the world. So, take a look, pick your favorite, and right before you get your Coratella started, we will deliver your top picks to your door!

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