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Add a dash of Taiwanese fruit vinegar to your salads and cocktails! Shop Tai Tang fruit vinegars online!

Are you looking for a tarty, sweet, and festive condiment to liven up your salads, marinades, dips, and cocktails? Well, if so, then you’re in luck because we at Yummy Bazaar have prepared an exquisite selection of delicious Tai Tang fruit vinegars from Taiwan so you can incorporate them into your everyday culinary creations and drinking mixes to achieve a total transformation. When it comes to fruit vinegars, Asian countries, especially Japan, have come up with several ways to enjoy them as a drink that can be consumed by stirring into sparkling water, fresh juice, smoothie, cocktail, or tea. Sounds like a perfectly versatile condiment, right? If so, then keep on reading and find the right match for your taste buds!

Let’s begin with the most classic fruit vinegar, shall we? We’re talking about the usual apple cider vinegar, of course! Our selected Tai Tang apple vinegar with honey provides a luscious mix of liquid cane sugar, apple juice, rice vinegar, and honey to create a distinctly sour taste with a hint of sweetness. It tastes exactly like you’d imagine: apples, vinegar, and honey. The taste is absolutely phenomenal, but if you’d like to try something different with a lot more fruity aroma, mildly sweet and sour taste without that truly acidic vinegar flavor, Tai Tang plum vinegar with honey will be the perfect companion for all your dessert cravings and cocktails! Whether you’d like to enjoy these Taiwanese fruit vinegars simply diluted with water and poured over ice or drizzled on top of salads, they will make for a meaningfully versatile addition to your pantry!

Taiwanese fruit vinegars are here to become your ultimate mixer!

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