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Noodles, Noodles, Everywhere! Samyang Noodles that is...

That's what you'll find when you dive into the world of Samyang, After all, they are one of Korea's premier instant noodle producers! What kind of noodles, you ask? Well, let's see...

There's Samyang ramen, of course. It comes in a mind-blowing array of flavors — there's sure to be a flavor that appeals to anyone. Korean ramen tends to be on the spicy side and Samyang's ramen definitely doesn't disappoint in that area! Their spicy ramen noodles or 'fire noodles' include a range of flavors. There are several variations on spicy chicken ramen, including versions with corn, cheese, and curry.

Samyang's hot chicken ramen collection includes one that isn't for the faint of heart. It's their Nuclear 2X Spicy Chicken Ramen and it's... well, hot. We're talking take your breath away, stop your heart, nuclear meltdown hot. Please, proceed with caution when eating this one!

Lest you think Samyang spicy ramen is only available in chicken flavors, try their spicy kimchi ramen. It has a rich fermented flavor to go along with the spice. Spicy beef ramen has a deeply savory and spicy beef broth.

Beyond the Ramen

Korean Jjajangmyun is a delicious variation on a Chinese stir-fry that uses black bean paste instant noodles. It has a thick sauce that clings to the noodles. Add veggies for a quick and satisfying complete meal.

Kalguksu soup with clams features Korean knife-cut noodles and plenty of clams. The different varieties of clams give this soup a rich depth of flavor. The fact that the noodles are hand-cut and never fried accounts for this soup's great texture.

What do you get when you combine Korean-style spicy chicken rice cakes and Italian carbonara? Carbo Rice Cake Topokki, of course! The plump, chewy rice cakes combined with the spicy chicken and creamy carbonara work perfectly together. No wonder topokki is so popular!

Besides noodles, Samyang also makes deliciously spicy chicken sauces to serve with everything from chicken (of course!) to burgers to pizzas. And don't forget the noodles! These sauces will definitely kick the flavor up another notch. Just be careful with the doubly hot version. Add that to the wrong dish of Samyang spicy noodles (Yes, we're talking about you, 'nuclear'!) and the mixture could become volcanic!

Craving a crunch? Not all Samyang noodles are wet. Samyang Zzaldduk Spicy Korean Snack consists of crunchy, fiery, and fiercely delicious dry ramen snacks. Better have a cool drink at hand!

Finding Your Favorite Noodle

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