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Travel the German coastline through flavors from Rugen Fisch

Whether it’s paired with a fogged-up pint of beer or enjoyed with traditional Russian black bread, canned fish can be an excellent way of adding a quick boost of flavors to any meal! From canned mackerel to tuna and herring - there is no end to all the exquisite tastes you can preserve and send to even the furthest corners of the Earth. No culinary goldmine is too far away - you can get your hands on flavors from all around the world, and German seafood is no exception!

The island of Rugen is not just beautiful; it’s also full of the most intriguing and well-rounded tastes you have ever tried! So it doesn’t come as a surprise that when Rugen Fisch exposed the rest of the world to the marvels of this little culinary treasure trove, success was pretty quick on its feet! Today, this brand is a household name not just to Germany but also to seafood lovers all across the globe. In our carefully curated selection of Rugen Fisch products, you’ll find some completely new additions to your pantry, and who knows, you might even come across a few familiar flavors along the way!

Do you happen to be a fan of bold tastes? Then this brand is the perfect fit for you! Give Rugen Fisch herring a go and discover just how many flavors this decadent ingredient can come in! From mustard sauce to tomato, spicy marinade, horseradish sauce, and even herring fillets in aspic - the possibilities are endless! If you prefer saltier, deeper flavors, Kipper Snacks smoked herring is what you’re looking for - incredible when added to salads, paired with boiled potatoes, and even used as pizza toppings! You could also always opt for classics like Smoked Kieler Spratz and smoked mackerel fillets, or even go for all of the above and discover which one holds the key to your palette!

As for something more delicate, we’d recommend the most convenient and delicious boneless, skinless salmon fillets! They are all done and ready to crush your hunger at a moment’s notice. Pair some with your favorite meals, and elevate your lunches to a whole new level! But if your day is way too hectic for that as well, just grab a can of our Scomber Mix - this well-balanced and flavorful mackerel salad is guaranteed to single-handedly take down your hunger!

So browse through our selection and find something for every occasion - any meal can be improved with some flavors from the German coast!

Get acquainted with exquisite flavors of the Baltic sea from Rugen Fisch canned seafood

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