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The most authentic mustard in crock from Pommery

With recipes that span almost four centuries and the impeccable reputation proving the quality of their product, Pommery stands tall as one of the most important mustard producers in the world. From their packaging to the unbeatable flavors of Meaux mustard, it’s safe to say that this brand has got both style AND substance.

So in this selection, we bring you one of the key figures of the French market - bold, proud and aromatic - it’s none other than Pommery mustards - taste and quality that never disappoint!

Do you tend to lean more on the traditional side when it comes to food? Don’t be shy; there is nothing wrong with appreciating classics! And what an incredible selection of classics this is to appreciate! Pommery’s Meaux mustard is renowned worldwide for a reason - well, multiple reasons actually - but the most important one is its mysterious recipe that’s existed for centuries but still carries the same amount of intrigue as it always has. There are no secrets bigger than those of the brand’s oldest flavors - from classic and straightforward Pommery mustard from Meaux to whole grain and Lion’s extra strong Dijon - they are tried, tested, and beloved by every single mustard-lover. And if you, like us, were a bit of a detective as a child, try the most indiscernible Mustard des Chanoines and guess what the best-hidden ingredients are!

As for more unusual aromas, there is plenty to go around as well! Would you like to try out some French gingerbread mustard? Or maybe some fine herb mustard? Ah, a dash of espelette peppers won’t harm, right? How about Pommery’s most famous and bold fireman’s mustard? That one’s not for the faint of heart! Green peppercorns with your steak sauces? Perfect match! And if you’ve truly got the fanciest of palettes, you will not be able to get enough of the most luxurious condiment that ever was - royal cognac mustard! It tastes just as regal as it sounds, so prepare your crown and enjoy the flavors!

There are some brands that feel timeless - as if they’ve always been around and will never go away. Pommery is definitely one of those golden names. So whether you are the connoisseur of classics or a fan of fresher takes, you’re bound to fall in love with these eternal flavors! All that’s left to do is for you to pick your champions and enjoy every single bite!

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