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Flour is an essential part of so many recipes that it's almost impossible to miss out on, but there's one ingredient that some might be very cautious about. What's that ingredient? Gluten. If you've been looking for the best multi-purpose and unique flour, we've got the most special selection of Pereg gluten-free flour. Since 1906, Pereg has been producing wide varieties of pure, Kosher-certified gluten-free flour that's also vegan-friendly and more nutritious than regular flour. There are so many unusual and delicious varieties of this flour that it will instantly make you say, "they're made out of what?!" and blow your mind with versatility.

When it comes to gluten-free baking, it takes a little more experience and works to get your recipe just right, but the payoff is worth it. Since Pereg's gluten-free flour varieties offer their unique flavors and baking properties, we will guide you through the process of selecting the best ones accustomed to your needs.

Everyone associates the word wheat with gluten, but that's not the case with buckwheats. These little seeds are filled with fiber and protein, and most importantly, they do not contain gluten! Packed with minerals and flavors, Pereg buckwheat flour is one of the easiest to work with and can be used as a base flour. Whether you want to make some scrumptious pancakes, cookies, and muffins or use it to thicken soups, sauces, and stews, this gluten-free buckwheat flour will be the perfect addition to your pantry!

Want to make some soft pastries? We've got you covered. Pereg quinoa flour is a fantastic kind of flour that's especially good for baking because of its high protein content. Quinoa flour perfectly compensates for the lack of gluten when baking gluten-free pastries and bread. So if you're all about baking your own bread, this flour will add an excellent structure and texture.

One of the most challenging parts of baking with gluten-free flour is achieving that pleasing texture. To save you a headache of learning new ways to make your gluten-free ingredients work, we certainly recommend using Pereg chickpea flour with natural dense binding properties. Packed with nutrients, protein, fiber, and vitamins, chickpea flour can make the best ingredient for your quick cakes, bread, and muffins, as well as for creamy dressing, dip, and vegan sauce base.

If you're all about baking some shortbread cookies, pizza, or simply coating your favorite chicken nuggets with flour, then you probably need something with a more tender and thicker texture, so make sure to grab a pack of Pereg almond flour. This gluten-free flour has a satisfying nutty flavor and makes for a great grain-free alternative to breadcrumbs as well.

Alright, now it's time you experience that true "WOW" effect we mentioned in the beginning. We've got something totally unexpected for you. If you didn't know already, Pereg banana flour is absolutely amazing for mimicking wheat flour remarkably well, making it one of the easiest transition gluten-free flours in your everyday baking. Not only does this flour work well on its own, even when used only a small amount, banana flour also complements most other flours well. Made from ripe, peeled bananas, this product has only a hint of banana taste, so you can use it in most of your favorite recipes without the unwanted fruity sweetness.

Another surprising gluten-free flour option in our selection is Pereg coconut flour. Baking with this flour is nothing like anything else you've experienced before. Make sure to use very little coconut flour and a lot of eggs in your recipes since this kind of flour tends to be more absorbent with less binding power. Rich with fiber and proteins, coconut flour will be one of the best low-carb, vegan, and gluten-free options available on the market.

Unlike almond or coconut gluten-free four, Pereg Cassava flour has a very neutral and mild flavor that's the most similar gluten-free option to wheat flour. With its soft and powdery texture, rather than gritty and grainy, cassava flour has all the qualities for replacing wheat flour in most of the recipes. Plus, it's a great nut-free flour option!

We've got all the essentials of our gluten-free flour selection covered, but you simply cannot go without some kind of sweetener in your baking, and for that reason, we have included Pereg zero-calorie sweetener. This sweetener is ideal for replacing refined sugars and cutting down on unnecessary calories. Oh, and let's not forget about the most beloved cake dough enhancing ingredient, Pereg cocoa powder. It's ideal for elevating the taste of your pastries as well as cream!

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