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Bring Spanish flair to your life with some Palacios ready-to-eat chorizo

When it comes to cured meats, not many cuisines can brag about having as much experience, knowledge, and culture to back them up as Spanish can. Their cured meats are easily some of the most flavorful parts of any well-balanced charcuterie board. And chorizo is no exception. It’s a convenient ingredient that can instantly boost the flavors of any meal. From the simplest of snacks to the most lavish of spreads - some authentic Spanish chorizo is welcome everywhere! And with this carefully curated selection of Palacios products, you can now have easy access to all of your new-found pantry staples!

Chorizo is a well seasoned, aromatic pork sausage that’s been cured and can be consumed without any additional cooking. It’s a quintessential ingredient for both Spanish and Mexican cuisines and can transform the flavor profiles of your meals in a blink of an eye. Salty, spicy, rich, and inimitable - classic chorizo is the ideal balance of everything we love the most in our cured meats. And after its establishment in 1960, Palacios has mastered the craft of creating the most impeccable product of all!

Perfect for snacking, adding to charcuterie boards, and creating the most aromatic Spanish tapas - artisanal Spanish chorizo is an ideal pairing for all! Whether you choose to go with Palacios salchichon or their chorizo Picante, your culinary world is bound to get turned on its head! Combine the most decadent Iberico chorizo with some mustard, add it to your pizza or enjoy the highest quality Iberian pork on its own - delicious either way!

From explosive authentic Spanish salchichon to more tamed, mild Spanish chorizo, there is something to enjoy for every palette! And for all of you busy bees out there, we’ve also got some mini Palacios chorizo as the ultimate grab-and-go snack!

So if you love your cured meats, you have got to make chorizo a pantry staple! Keep it around for big events, small gatherings, quick snacks, and spicy cravings. Not sure about you, but we have never heard of a situation that was not made better by having something delicious to go around!

Every flavor of artisanal Spanish chorizo awaits you at Yummy Bazaar

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