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Licorice Candies from Around the World

Licorice candy is an overlooked and often unfairly maligned classic. It’s a soft and chewy candy with diverse flavor profiles depending on the type. These days licorice candy is roughly divided into four categories:

Black licorice is the most well-known licorice candy, the classic variety. Traditionally flavored with licorice root, these days it’s most often anise-flavored. However, some manufacturers (like Italian Amarelli) also produce flavored licorice candy.

Red licorice is produced the same way as black licorice but is usually fruit-flavored. Strawberry is the most popular flavor; however, the list has expanded over the years.

Salty licorice is a Scandinavian classic. Called “salmiaklakrits” in Sweden, “salmiaklakrids” in Dutch, and “salzlakritz” in German, the recipe uses ammonium chloride to give the salty licorice a distinct flavor.

Sour licorice is the most recent addition to the list. It’s closely related to red licorice and comes in various colors and fruity flavors, but with distinct tart notes, unlike the classic red one.

Have you never tried authentic licorice candy before? Or maybe you’re already an experienced licorice lover? Either way, you’ll find our gourmet licorice candy selection worth your attention.

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