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Enjoying the Unique Deliciousness of Japanese Candy

Do you remember the sweet flavors of your childhood in Japan? Or maybe you were first entranced by the colorful packaging of Japanese candy during your travels. However you came to love Japanese candy, it's a love that lingers... Just like the bright, crisp flavor of lychee gummy candies or the sweet, earthy flavor of green tea soft candies.

Flavors aren't the only thing exotic about Japanese candies. Some of them take exotic forms, too! Take Kinjo jelly cups, for example. This soft Japanese jelly candy is presented in tiny cups. Simply pull the tab off the cup and tilt that soft, fruity deliciousness into your mouth. Choose from apple, grape, or orange jelly cups. Better yet, try all three!

Japanese candy isn't just about sugary sweetness or exotic flavors. It also embraces intriguing texture combinations like apple pudding stuffed marshmallows or the white, milk, and strawberry chocolate layers found in Fujiya's chocolate lollipops.

Take Your Pick of Textures

Do you prefer soft and creamy, chewy, or hard candies? Our Japanese candy collection runs the gamut of candy textures. For those who prefer soft, creamy candies, try Japanese Milk Candy. There's nothing creamier or softer than these gems made with superb quality Hokkaido milk!

If you're looking for Japanese gummy candy, Kasugai is the brand to pick! With everything from sweetly flavorful apple gummies to tart and tangy yuzu, there's a Kasugai candy for every taste. Why not try their other candies, too? Their Roasted Coffee Sumiyaki has the rich, deep coffee flavor you crave in the middle of the day, while their Matcha Milk Candy is the perfect touch of earthy sweetness.

If you love Japanese hard candy, you have to try Sakuma hard candies. These delicious drops of long-lasting goodness have been beloved since the Meiji Period. They're available in refreshing mint or delicious fruit flavors.

Getting Playful

Who says you can't play with your food? And candy seems like a natural place to start! Enjoy making your own Japanese candy with a Kracie candy molding kit or a chocolate candy making kit by Meiji. What fun!

Another way to get playful with your sweets is by blowing bubbles with them. Marukawa bubblegum is perfect for that! Grape, melon, orange, or strawberry. Which is your favorite bubble flavor? Can't decide? They offer a variety pack with two each of all four flavors, as well as a bubblegum sample pack with seven flavors — including some surprises!

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