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Pasta is the ultimate comfort food. Whether you’re coming home late after a long day of work or going through an entire “eat, pray, love”-style self-discovery process, a bowl of cheesy pasta is your best friend! Quick, convenient, satisfying, diverse, and utterly delicious - what more could any of us possibly want? Not to mention, pasta somehow manages to be alluring in drastically different forms - whether it’s craft mac ’n cheese or an exquisite bowl of gourmet pasta, every single one of us wants to dive right into it. It’s the magic of this classic Italian creation - humble or fancy, we love it just the same!

However, not everyone gets along with gluten all that well, and for quite some time, that might have hindered your ability to enjoy pasta, among other things. But, with our stunning collection of gluten free pasta, you can simply take your pick and indulge in one of humanity’s favorite foods without any hesitation! What are you waiting for? Let’s jump right in!

Let’s imagine your perfect dinner - what kind of pasta are you having? Trick question! True connoisseurs know that it usually depends on the sauce, right? If you happen to prefer chunkier sauces with meat and veggies, you’re going to need a variety that can hold every morsel of flavor without losing a drop. Farabella’s gluten-free Garganelli pasta is tailor-made for that very task! It catches all of the sauce in its ridges, and what’s left gets trapped inside the shape itself - therefore, nothing goes to waste, and your taste buds get to enjoy all of the exquisite flavors! La Veneziane gluten-free Eliche fusilli does a very similar job but has even more variety of tastes due to being corn-based. And if you’re after an incomparable classic that fits just about any mold, La Rosa gluten-free penne is precisely what you need!

For creamier sauces, there are always some of the heavy hitters of Italian gluten-free pasta that we’re all familiar with. If your dinner revolves around some sort of a smooth white sauce, you’d be hard pressed to find a better fit than Divella gluten-free tagliatelle! You could also opt for La Rosa gluten-free bucatini and let the slightly uneven surface of the dough hold on to every single flavor from your exquisite sauce! For a bit more of an earthier, nuttier taste, go with premium Italian buckwheat spaghetti by Probios - not only is it utterly delicious, but the intriguing color is guaranteed to add some additional allure to your imaginative dishes!

Wouldn’t mind upping the protein content of your dinner tonight? Probios Italian red lentil pasta is a perfect option precisely for that mission! It’s bright red and appealing to the eye while also being exquisitely flavorful and having that ideal bite we all look for in our pasta. Their gluten-free chickpea pasta has very similar benefits while differing in color and being a better fit for recipes that sway on a more traditional side. So all you have to do is decide what you’re planning on indulging in for dinner, and we’ll have a perfect match for you ready and waiting! Not to mention, we also have Divella gluten-free gnocchi if you’re craving something softer and squishier, or La Veneziane gluten-free lasagna sheets if you feel like cooking the only dish that could ever make Garfield love Mondays!

So, browse our selection of premium quality Italian gluten-free pasta and discover pantry essentials you should never go without! The culinary world is supposed to be fun, and it’s certainly diverse enough to guarantee that nobody gets left out! Dive in, find your favorites, and enjoy the most comforting meals in your special pasta bowl (don’t lie, we know you’ve got one)!

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