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Gia Anchovy Paste, 2.1 oz. (60g)
Gia Sun Dried Tomato Paste, 2.8 oz (80 g)
Gia Green Pesto, 2.8 oz (80 g)
Gia Garlic Paste, 3.1 oz (90 g)

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Add a dash of tanginess to your dipping sauce with Italian anchovy paste!

Made from fresh anchovy fillet, Gia anchovy paste will make a sophisticated addition to any of your sauces or salad dressings! This Italian anchovy paste is made from the blended fish fillet, salt, sugar, and VOILA; that's it! Perfection is born! Gia’s anchovy delight is the ultimate pantry essential if you like your dipping sauces sharp and flavorful: it’s ready to add explosive touches to everything from your caesar salad dressings to your pizza toppings. And it’s not just caesar dressing, you're free to experiment with any other vinaigrettes, too! It's pretty much a universal culinary hack: Italian anchovy paste can add a tangy bite to every savory dish there is! Gia makes the best anchovy paste to pair with your tapenades, pizza crusts, and canapes, but don't take our word for it - Order now and try for yourself; you'll be thanking Gia for making this wondrous tube of culinary magic!

One of our favorite ways to enjoy this Italian anchovy paste is adding it to vegetables; any kind will do: sauteed, roasted, and even grilled! All you've got to do is add a little bit of this delicious secret sauce on top and serve it to your guest! Trust us, Gia’s anchovy paste tastes like the most sophisticated blend of flavors, so probably no one will guess it's just, well, fish paste! If you're feeling up to new culinary challenges, use this tasty paste to coast your roasted veggies, or add it to your pesto! Trust us; letting your creative juices flow is the best way to broaden your culinary horizons! Give our ideas a try, and let us know how it goes!

Spread this delightful anchovy paste on your crackers, and enjoy your day with Yummy Bazaar!

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