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For All Things German: Bake It Yourself with Yummy Bazaar

Do you catch yourself dreaming of delicious German pastries? So often thinking about that mesmerizing smell of traditional apple strudel? Well, get going towards your kitchen cause Yummy Bazaar will gladly deliver all the things you need to create the most decadent bakes straight to your door!

Browse through our collection of German baking supplies and get ready to get your hands dirty in the tastiest way possible!

Even if you plan on starting from scratch, we are here to deliver everything - from the highest quality German baking powder for the fluffiest bakes to the most delicious vanilla sugar to sprinkle on your traditional German snowball pastry! Maybe you’re looking for the juiciest cheesecake cream? Don’t worry; fruity raspberry cheesecake cream mix, as well as the classic cheesecake cream mix, are the best in business!

We are here to give you some exciting ideas and German baking recipes too! Speaking of classic German baking goods, we can’t not mention the traditional, all-time favorite pretzel. If you’re planning to throw your own Oktoberfest party at your home, you should stock up on pretzels and German mustard. And that doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds - just get yourself a German pretzel mix, and you’re all set. It comes with all of the necessary ingredients; you just need to add water and vegetable oil and start baking!

If you’re dreaming about the sweeter side of Germany, here are some ideas you should try!

Have you heard about the traditional bee sting cake? It'd be a double-layered, cream-filled piece of heaven! You can get all the necessary ingredients combined in a bee sting cake mix, including a blend for the cake itself, a mix for the almond crust, and yummy almond flakes for topping! Talk about comfort! All you have to do is add heavy cream and then mix away!

While we’re talking about traditional German baked goods, we have to mention the world’s favorite German strudel, which provides several layers of sweet surprise to your taste buds! If you crave it as much as we do, shop strudel mix and choose a topping fit for your taste - dark chocolate sprinkles for bold flavor lovers and milk chocolate sprinkles for those who prefer delicate tastes.

We can’t forget about the German version of pie, which we have to admit might just be tastier than the variation more familiar to us. It’s called streusel cake, and its richer, thicker crust perfectly harmonizes with the fruity filling, making you feel like you’re falling in love! You can shop German streusel mix at Yummy Bazaar and opt for a fruity filling of your choosing. But if you want to make this traditional pie in a flash, you must get your hands on the Kathi cherry streusel cake mix immediately!

Let the mouthwatering aroma of German baked goods fill your kitchen with Yummy Bazaar!

At Yummy Bazaar, you can shop a unique selection of top-quality products for the most affordable prices. We take our time carefully picking and organizing an extensive range of gourmet food and beverages from all around the world for you to enjoy!

That’s why we are proud to offer you our selection of the best German baking supplies to make yourself extraordinary German desserts and much more! Shop at Yummy Bazaar right now, get your soon-to-be favorites delivered straight to your door, and receive free shipping on orders over +$59!