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Landsberg Hot German Mustard, Mug, 8.7 oz (250 g)

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It’s Time to Master Mustard!

If you didn’t know, mustard is the oldest condiment on record, dating back to an early Roman foodie (just like us). Maybe even thinking about mustard made their nostrils flare up with a hot flash - it sure happens often to the best of us! Perhaps that’s how you know that the mustard you’re eating is of a premium quality! This extra spicy yellow condiment has a long shelf life and variety of applications - you can use it as a dipping sauce, marinade for chicken BBQ, a salad dressing, and so much more!

We can all agree that mustard is the perfect condiment, but maybe it could get even better. If you’re looking to step up your mustard game, you’ve come to the right place because you’re about to be introduced to the selection of the best German mustard ever. After all, Germany is well known for its distinctive mustard varieties. At Yummy Bazaar, you can find carefully selected German mustard brands that can guarantee your satisfaction!

Let’s start from the top - Lowensenf extra hot mustard almost takes the title for the most sizzling German mustard, and that title would be well deserved - It’s a fire in a jar - if it weren’t for an even hotter option - Hengstenberg’s extra hot mustard! It comes with a bit of a twist: It has chili extract in it - that’s how you know it’s not for the faint of heart. So, bold tasters, It’s your time to shop!

Of course, we have options for people who appreciate the perfect balance in life as well. If you don’t like your mustard too hot or too sweet, we advise you to get Erika’s Pantry medium-hot German mustard, perfect for nearly everything. The same goes with Lowensenf mild mustard, but it’s richer and creamier in texture. However, if you feel safer with classic flavors, you must try hot German mustard immediately! It’s the perfect sauce for your hot dogs and burgers. Plus, it comes in a mug-shaped jar; how cool is that?!

Now, onto the sweeter options; if you want to taste that well-known German sweet mustard, we recommend you try our favorite Bavarian sweet mustard. It’s a meticulously crafted balance of juxtaposing aromas! And while it’s utterly stunning, we’ve still got a little something extra saved for last - we guarantee Lowensenf German whole grain mustard will blow your mind and taste buds alike! Whole mustard seeds turn this unique concoction into an incomparable sensory experience! It’s something quite like a party, and you’ve been invited!

If you like your mustard on the go (as all the real mustard lovers do! No shame in that) and if you want to keep it close to your heart, you can buy Lowensenf extra hot mustard tube. You never know when a dash of explosive flavors might come in handy, do you? We also happen to have Thomy medium-hot mustard tubes for those who don’t like their mustard quite as hot. On top of every other advantage, their comfortable packaging makes it super easy to add more flavor to your food when eating out.

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