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Quick! To Germany! Shop Handlmaier mustard at Yummy Bazaar for a true German treat!

No one does sweet Bavarian mustard better than Handlmaier! We don't make the rules; we are just stating the facts! And it all started a century ago: when in 1914, master butcher Karl and his wife Johanna created the unique secret recipe for sweet Bavarian mustard, which soon would become a local, and then a national culinary phenomenon! And till this very day, there has been no competition for Handlmaier when it comes to sweet Bavarian mustard! So, we think it's time for the "defenestration" of your ordinary mustard because our lovely collection of Handlmaier mustard is bound to blow your socks off!

On our digital shelves, you can get your hands on the legendary Handlmaier's sweet Bavarian mustard! Beloved all across Europe, it has come to the USA to deliver the most delicious flavor bombs to your taste buds! Handlmaier's sweet Bavarian mustard is made from premium quality, fresh ingredients that carry signature tangy-sweet undertones no other mustard can replicate. The original Bavarian sweet mustard is the real treat on every table - coarsely ground mustard delivers incomparable flavor, texture, and sensory feeling that will instantly transport you to the lively pub in Regensburg! For the superior culinary experience, pair this delight with German Weisswurst, pretzels, and a cold glass of beer! Once you give this sweet German mustard a taste, it will be impossible to imagine a time before Handlmaier!

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