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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
Dr. Oetker Baking Yeast, 3 Pack, 3 x 0.82 oz (7 g)
Dr Oetker Vanilla Sugar: 6-Pack, 6 x 0.32 oz (9 g)
Dr. Oetker Baking Powder: 6-Pack, 6 x 0.5 oz (14g)
Dr. Oetker Creme Brulee Mix, 3.7 oz (106 g)

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Create the most impressive desserts with Dr. Oetker products

You might have often heard that baking is a science, and it has to be extremely precise in order to work. But over at Yummy Bazaar, we believe that baking is, above all else, a therapeutic experience. Sure, science comes into play, but that is not the most important part - love, care, and creativity that you infuse each and every one of your bakes with is what truly matters. The precision part? That can be easily taken care of, which is precisely why we gathered all of the miraculous baking products from Dr. Oetker in one convenient place for you to look through and enjoy!

So, how about some weekend baking? Slip into something comfortable that you don’t mind getting a bit of batter on, turn on some uplifting music of your choice, let the refreshing morning breeze in to wake up your entire house, and let’s get started! You think that it might be too much work for your day-off, but the truth is, we’ve got a little hack for you! If you don’t want to deal with all the measurements, combinations, and chemistry of baking, Dr. Oetker’s mixes are just what you’ve been looking for! Simply add a few perishable ingredients and watch as your beautiful desserts start to take form! From classic German pudding mixes to the most convenient Dr. Oetker mug cake mixes, you’ll definitely find something to fit both your skill level and taste! You could also go for the most decadent option and make the richest of desserts with Dr. Oetker cheesecake mix - drizzle some salted caramel on top, add a bit of berry compote or give your bake a tangy twist with some lemon curd - possibilities are endless! And if you decide to go for the most nostalgic flavors of all with either the traditional bundt cake mix or the marble cake mix, you could always add a bit of innovation by simply coating them in the most exquisite Dr. Oetker clear cake glaze. Easy, convenient, and an instant flavor boost! Not to mention, a perfect pairing for any fruity tart recipe you’ve got lying around!

But how about those days when you do decide to start from scratch and make a flawless bake all on your own? We’ve got some bits and pieces that could help you out in that case as well! From Dr. Oetker yeast, that will make sure that all of your gluten-based creations rise perfectly to their Gustin fine food starch and extra gelling sugar that a savvy baker should never go without - there is more than enough here to fix even the most hopeless culinary mistakes! You could add some dazzling flavors to any baked good with a couple of vanilla sugar packets or a bit of bourbon vanilla sugar. For even better results, simply top those incredible bakes with a dollop of perfectly smooth whipped cream that will always come out just right if you keep Dr. Oetker whip it in your pantry! And no, it’s not cheating; a bit of whipped cream stabilizer never hurt nobody!

While you wait for your impeccable weekend bake to be done, don’t risk getting hangry and enjoy some Vitalis cereal for breakfast! Crunchy, sweet, and utterly delicious - a perfect start to a perfect day!

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