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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
Francine Wheat Flour T45, 2.2 lbs (1kg)
Francine 00 Flour for Pizza, 35.2 oz (1kg)
Treblec French Buckwheat Flour 2.2 lbs (1kg)

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For high-quality bakes, start with a high-quality French base.

Baking is inherently an act of care. Whether you’re making crepes for your family breakfast, a cake for a significant birthday, or a loaf of sourdough because lockdown has started some trends of its own - you are committing an act of love. And while it’s definitely the attention that counts, getting a final result that doesn’t require that phrase as a way of reassurance is still what we all strive for.

High-quality bakes, above all, require high-quality ingredients. When it comes to simple recipes, every single flaw can be detrimental. So we are here to make sure that all of your culinary endeavors end successfully! And with baking, everything starts from none other than our royalty - the flour.

When choosing the perfect flour for your recipe, it’s essential to consider the inherent qualities of your bake - should it be light and airy or dense and chewy? Should it rise or stay flat? Do you need an elastic dough or a pillowy soft one? These questions might not seem as important, but the type of flour that suits your needs changes along with your answers. Luckily, our selection of the highest quality French flour has something for every occasion.

Looking forward to baking some tender and buttery pastries? Our French pastry flour is the ultimate way to get light, fluffy bakes that will rise to perfection due to the ideal balance between wheat flour and leavening powder. You will get the desired result every time.

But suppose your goal is to make something even more delicate, like crepes or pasta, where even a single lump can ruin the texture of the final product. In that case, you could always go for our Supreme lump-free flour or even a T45 superfine fluid flour - either of them will ensure a perfectly mixed base. They are especially great for roux-based sauces like bechamel.

Not the biggest fan of gluten? Try our flavorful buckwheat flour for a fun twist on crepes and almond flour for authentic French macarons or as a breading for chicken and fish - delicious and versatile!

If it’s a simple French bread flour or a perfectly fermented sourdough you’re after, Type 55 organic wheat flour is your go-to ingredient. But based on your preference, you could also opt for Francine’s pizza flour for the easiest kneading experience and the most elastic dough. And if you’re not sure about what you need - because after all, who knows what sort of baked good they’ll wake up craving in a week - just get our premium wheat flour, a classic that will never let you down.

Baking might be based on science, but it’s rooted in our hearts, so whatever it is that you decide to make, as long as you put all of your enthusiasm into it and have ingredients that are good enough not to let you down, everything will turn out just right! So take your pick and bake away!

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