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Francine Wheat Flour T45, 2.2 lbs (1kg)
Francine 00 Flour for Pizza, 35.2 oz (1kg)
Francine Pizza Mix, 17.9 oz (510 g)

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Your number one essential for French baking

Is there anything better than French pastry? Okay, that might be a bit of a subjective question, but even if you don’t have the biggest sweet tooth (teach us how you managed that, by the way!), you’ve got to admit that it’s at least one of the most exquisite creations within the culinary world! It doesn’t even have to be specifically pastry - baguettes, brioche loaves, croissants - French baking, in general, is one of the highest culinary achievements one can master. And if you’d like to turn your kitchen into a Parisian bakery as much as we would, there is no better place to start than this collection of French flour by the most renowned brand within the field - Francine!

We’ve got an option for each and every type of bake you could dream of making! Want something universal that would fit pretty much every recipe? Try our French T45 flour! It’s finely ground, high-quality, and versatile, which is precisely why you should make it your pantry staple!

How about some yeastier creations? Maybe crunchy baguettes? Or some flaky Choux pastry and croissants with layers upon layers of buttery goodness? This organic French T55 flour is a perfect option for all! Specially made to ferment and rise without any effort, it’s as fail-proof as it gets! And for the perfect boost your dough might need, we also offer classic French yeast for bread that will never disappoint! From sourdough to brioche - the possibilities are endless!

How about the ultimate weekend breakfast options? Yes, we are talking about crepes! With our French supreme lump-free flour, your dough will always come out perfectly smooth and thin! You could also opt for Francine’s fluid flour for similar results, or, if you want something quicker and more convenient, simply go for the ready-made Crepe mix that will give you impeccable results every time! And as for something just as effortless but with a bit more unusual (yet stunning) flavor, we also recommend the buckwheat crepe mix - spread your culinary horizons and enjoy the results!

If you also happen to be ready to try making some of the most exciting French desserts, we’ve got perfect options for you! Up for a classic, but with a convenient twist? With our choux pastry mix, you can make the dessert that scares even professional chefs without much effort! As for light and fluffy cakes that will always rise just the way you want them to, our French pastry gateaux flour is the ultimate ingredient!

So whether you’re a professional baker or someone who’s just now starting out, get your basics covered with the highest-quality French flour, and we can guarantee that you’ll be halfway to perfection already!

French whole wheat flour for a whole new taste with Yummy Bazaar

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