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Edmond Fallot - Dijon Mustard, 10.9 oz.
Edmond Fallot Walnut Mustard 7.4 oz (210g)

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Add a touch of French flair with Edmond Fallot Dijon mustard

Mustard was first introduced to France in the 10th century when monks of Saint Germain Des Pres started cultivating the seeds they had read about in Roman artifacts. And we are very lucky they did, because not long after, this new and unusual taste became pretty popular, and Dijon turned into the capital of mustard production we still know it to be. So everything was going pretty well, until 1840, when Edmond Fallot entered the mustard market and elevated it from pretty good to exquisite!

When a brand has over 180 years of experience under its belt and still remains in the constant state of progress, you know that those in charge are not only extremely serious about what they do but extremely passionate as well! A small family business turned into a global culinary phenomenon - this selection of Edmond Fallot mustards and gourmand vinegar is bound to become just as much of a staple for your pantry as it has for the entirety of France!

Dijon mustard is mostly associated with classic tastes and traditional French cuisine, so it seems appropriate that we start with the most timeless options the brand has to offer. From the original flavor that can fit any recipe to Green peppercorn Dijon that’s perfect for steaks and the most renowned Burgundy mustard that needs no introduction - there are no wrong choices to make! Add them all to your pantry and experiment with the best flavors France has to offer. And if you love this stunning condiment as much as we do, our Dijon mustard pail is just what you need!

Do you happen to like constantly discovering and experiencing new tastes? In that case, there are plenty of intriguing options for you to try out as well! Add our exquisite honey balsamic Dijon to charcuterie, brighten your dishes with a bit of tarragon Dijon mustard, bring in some colorful flair through Fallot’s stunning blackcurrant mustard or aromatic Provencal Dijon, and experiment with nuttier flavor combinations with their walnut mustard - possibilities are endless!

Hint: If you want to make sure that whatever type of meat you’ve decided to cook ends up being the juiciest, the most flavorful meal you’ve ever had, create stunning marinades with our wholegrain Dijon mustard and let the protein soak up all the deliciousness overnight! The results won’t disappoint.

But Edmond Fallot doesn’t just provide you with the best Dijon mustard. They also make sure your pantry never runs out of the ultimate French staples like gherkin pickles, capers, and the most beautiful variety of gourmet vinegar - from red and white wine to cider and even sherry vinegar; there is something here for each one of your cooking challenges! And the best part is, you can share the superb culinary experience with all of your loved ones with the Edmond Fallot gift set, which is a dream present for every foodie!

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