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Chorizo, Traditional Spanish Sausage

Chorizo is one of the oldest Spanish cured meat products originating from the Iberian peninsula. A worldwide favorite, it’s often characterized by its bright red color and complex, spicy flavor. But chorizo can also be mild and sweet, with a darker, almost brownish color. It’s all in the seasoning.

Coarse, chewy, and intensely flavorful, Spanish chorizo is made with a mix of lean and fat cuts of pork. While lean meats can alternate between pork jowl, loin, belly, shoulder, and Cabecero (neck to the fifth rib), the fatty part is non-negotiable. It must be tocino (back fat).

If you’re looking for the classic taste, then check out homestyle chorizo, flavored with salt, garlic, and either sweet or spicy Pimenton. Among regional versions, chorizo La Rioja, seasoned with both sweet and spicy paprika, is particularly popular.

And if you want a taste of something exceptional, take a look at chorizo Iberico. Made from Iberian pork, it’s considered a true delicacy.

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Yummy Bazaar’s goal is to make authentic and gourmet ingredients from all over the world easily accessible for epicures who love quality food, and chorizo is no different. We keep a carefully curated assortment of Spanish chorizo of both mild and sweet varieties. All you need to do is decide whether it's classic homestyle chorizo, a regional variety like chorizo Rioja, or a delicacy like chorizo Iberico you want to add to your pantry. We’ll take care of the rest. It won’t take more than a few minutes on your part!