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Chevre, The Ubiquoutously Renowned Goat Cheese

Chevre, or Le Fromage de Chèvre, to be more exact, is a French umbrella term that covers a wide range of goat cheeses, both young and fresh and aged. The term literally translates to goat cheese and cannot be narrowed down to a specific variety, region, or even country.

Whilst the French are generous with the term and call all cheeses made with goat milk chevre, the rest of the world has a more narrow view of what it constitutes. Over time, the term chevre cheese has become associated with young goat cheese. This type of chevre is milky white color and has a soft, spreadable texture somewhat reminiscent of a cross between cream cheese and brie. The flavor, however, is more robust than that of a typical young cheese, with distinct tartness and grassy, earthy undertones typical of most cheeses made with goat or sheep milk.

Most often, fresh chevre cheese is sold in the form of small narrow logs or a thin wheel, flattened on top and bottom. It’s not uncommon to rub the outside of the goat cheese log with spices, herbs, ash, and other ingredients to strengthen the flavor.

Aged chevre cheese may be simply referred to simply as goat cheese, but make no mistake, it’s still chevre. Aged chevre has a firmer and denser texture, with a sharper flavor, where the tart and earthy notes become more intense.

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