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Double on Aroma With Coffee & Chicory From Cafe du Monde

At Yummy Bazaar, you can taste the centuries-old traditions of New Orleans - it's Cafe du Monde coffee we're talking about. It's made according to the unique recipe, where coffee is cut with chicory and yields bolder aromas. Intrigued yet?!

Cafe du Monde or Cafe of The World started as a coffee shop/cafe in 1862 in New Orleans's historic French Market. The landmark cafe is still open 24/7, only taking a Christmas break once a year. Loved for its unique coffee blends, the brand has made it possible to purchase Cafe du Monde coffee independently, and Yummy Bazaar is one of those places where you can find all the gems from the brand. Inspired by the French settlers, who were kind enough to bring coffee with them, Cafe du Monde coffee is an undeniable must-try for every connoisseur. Made with the finest chicory and coffee beans, the iconic coffee has become synonymous with French heritage and is widely enjoyed across the USA. Along with classic blends, the brand also produces decaffeinated coffee (made with Ethyl Acetate processing techniques) for those watching their caffeine intake!

At Yummy Bazaar, you can buy every classic Cafe du Monde coffee blend, and when we say every, we mean it. In our online assortment of the brand, you will find Cafe du Monde coffee & chicory combo, which is usually enjoyed in the form of cafe au lait - mixed half and half with milk. The unique concoction also comes decaffeinated to avoid anxious caffeine buzz. Finally, on Yummy Bazaar, you can also buy classic French roast coffee from Cafe du Monde made using 100% pure Arabica coffee. So, if you want to try out carefully crafted traditional recipes that have gained the hearts of millions, you can buy Cafe du Monde's coffee on Yummy Bazaar at convenient prices!

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