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Start your day off right with Brioche Pasquier

Mornings vary. Some are chaotic, while others are almost disconcertingly calm; Some mark the beginnings of regular days full of quotidian beauty, while others mark the ends of the craziest nights-out; Some go just the way we want them to, and others make us feel like the entire world is against us (like that one time you woke up and realized you were all out of coffee?). But no matter which one of those mornings you’re about to have, it can be seriously improved by a classic French breakfast. And if you’ve got something from France’s number one brioche brand stored away in your pantry, even Murphy’s law won’t be able to hold you back!

Thus, we created this carefully curated selection of all the best Brioche Pasquier has to offer. With recipes that date back to 1936, this brand has the traditions as well as the trust of French customers, which pretty much means it’s as good as brands can get! So just peruse the collection and pick out the options that suit both your taste and your lifestyle the most!

 In need of a perfectly fluffy loaf that can complement your quiet morning and accompany every flavor? The classic brioche is what you need! From honey-butter to avocado toast with a perfectly poached egg - there’s nothing this stunning bread won’t fit right in with! Like the texture but would prefer it to be sweeter? Go for our chocolate chip brioche - perfect on its own as well as with some nut butter spread on top! Or maybe you prefer your morning bread to be crunchier? We’ve got just the thing for you! These mini French toast slices are perfect for a fun breakfast, as a base for some amuse-bouche, or a part of the ideal cheeseboard! As for our whole wheat toasts, authentic French grillettines, and wholemeal rusks - you could simply enjoy them with some jam or use them as croutons for your salad later in the day!

Not lucky enough (or too much of a night owl) to have a calm morning? Fear none; we’ve got you covered! Have you ever tried pain au lait - a.k.a a milk roll? Yes, they’re as divine as they sound! Either classic brioche milk rolls or the chocolate chip sprinkled option can make a perfect grab-and-go breakfast for those hectic mornings! Or maybe you’d prefer chocolaty rolls that aren’t as sweet? Try out Pitch - Brioche Pasquier’s very own line of classic rolls with different flavors!  

And if you’re after something that’s both classy AND convenient, there is no competition when it comes to this ultimate, legendary French food - buttery, flaky, rich, decadent, and gloriously golden-brown - croissants! Whether you go for pure French butter croissants or authentic French chocolate croissants, you’re bound to have the best experience anyone with tastebuds could ever ask for! So go right ahead and choose your champions boldly - there are no losing options!

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