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Asian Rice: A Staple Food

Rice is a staple in Asian Cuisine that is present in nearly every meal. As a complex carb, Asian rice serves as the primary energy source for more than half of the world’s population. It is also full of fiber, Vitamin Bs, and iron. There are many different types of rice distinguished from each other by color and texture. From Asian sticky rice to the Asian best Jasmine Rice - Yummy Bazaar has you covered.

Find Assorted Asian Rice Brands

Because of the abundance of choice in rice, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect one, but we can help you find the best Asian rice. Let’s start with Indian Rice. At Yummy Bazaar we have selections like Sona Masoori Medium Grain Rice, which is perfectly served with your favorite curries. Also from India, we offer Idli Steamed Rice Balls, a convenient South Indian rice snack to maintain your energy on the go.

We also offer the best Asian jasmine rice on the market from Thailand. Jasmine rice is best grown on the fertile lands of Thailand and our Foco Thai Scented Jasmine Rice reflects that with its quality and authenticity.

From Japan we offer all types of rice - be it Asian white rice or Asian brown rice - supplied by a favorite rice brand, Nishiki. Our Nishiki products include Medium Grain Rice, Brown Medium Grain Rice, Hagia Rice with Germ, Premium Rice Musenmai, and Non-GMO Medium Grain Sushi Rice.

Grains are also very important in Asian cuisine. Dry grains are more stable and durable than other staple foods like strachu fruits. This makes them easier to transport and store for longer periods of time. We carry all types of Asian grains from places like India, Taiwan, and Japan. Try options like Japanese Pressed Barley, Indian red dry lentils (also known as Swad Masoor Dal), or split Desi chickpeas, also known as Swad Chana Dal. If you’re looking for green peas, look no further than Taiwanese Triko, offering products like Mustard Green Peas, Hot Green Peas, and Garlic Green Peas.

Get the Best Asian Rice Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

Yummy Bazaar offers the widest selection of Asian rice and grains, and you can order them directly to your doorstep from our online store. Everything is shipped in the USA and we offer free shipping on order over $59. Try us today!