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Make your everyday life sweeter with fluffy French nougats - shop Arnaud Soubeyran marshmallows online!

You’ve probably tried a bar of Snickers but what makes this popular chocolate bar so chewy and sweet is none other than soft nougats! If you’re a fan of nougat candies but want to experience a more refined taste, our curated selection of gourmet Arnaud Soubeyran nougat and French marshmallows will provide you with the most authentic candy experience that’s unlike anything else and are guaranteed to taste even more delicious than your favorite candy bar.

Since 1837, Arnaud Soubeyran has been crafting one of the most beloved authentic nougats famous throughout the country and praised for the quality manufacturing of confections with honey and almonds. If you’re a marshmallow lover or simply someone with a sweet tooth for gourmet French candies, keep on reading and discover new favorites!

Let’s jump into the world of sweet and soft candies, shall we? For the most authentically traditional French experience, enjoy the organic Arnaud Soubeyran Calissons de Provence made with nutty almonds and ripe candy fruits to create a mixture of versatile and delicate desserts. This soft snack makes for a wonderful treat on the go as well as a beautiful accompaniment to your breakfast tea and afternoon coffee. Looking to give these luxurious artisan desserts as a gift? A gorgeously designed Arnaud Soubeyran Calissons de Provence gift box will be the best option for you!

Arnaud Soubeyran brings a natural fruity twist to its authentic line of Calissons de Provence by glazing each calisson with a thin layer of fruit-flavored icings from lemons, raspberries, and chocolates to pistachios and clementines. So if you’re a fan of natural fruit flavors, Arnaud Soubeyran fruit-flavored Calissons de Provence is the best nougat box for you!

Speaking of candy bars, everyone loves candy bars, right? Sweet, convenient, and pocket-size. All these features are packed into gourmet quality Arnaud Soubeyran Nougat de Montélimar nougat bar made with exquisite honey, almonds, and pistachios to create a perfectly soft and tender nougat that doesn’t stick to the teeth. For the tastiest and conveniently sized marshmallows that you can enjoy anywhere anytime, toss some Arnaud Soubeyran marshmallow ropes in your backpack and enjoy the fragrant flavors of fancy lemon, blueberry, and raspberry marshmallows!

All the marshmallow addicts out there, be careful, you might become addicted! If you want your marshmallows to taste distinctly unique and have a perfectly soft, light, and creamy texture, Arnaud Soubeyran French marshmallows will bring you incomparable satisfaction with a subtle flavor of lemons, anise, violets, and orange blossoms. After dinner, relish these soft candies as an authentic French dessert or gift them to anyone with a sweet tooth. Munch on them and enjoy!

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