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Amora Dijon Mustard, Large Jar, 15.2 oz (430 g)

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Elevate each meal with classic Amora Dijon mustard

There are few flavors in the world as renowned and famous as French Dijon mustard. From sandwiches to classic roasts, it can elevate every meal, bringing the bright, tart, and mischievously spicy aromas into the mix. And even within such a well-saturated market, Amora mustard is able to stand out as a leader. From their bold flavors to the unwavering dedication to quality, a business that started in the 1930s still manages to impress its customers.

So browse our carefully curated selection of Amora French mustard and get all of the tradition, integrity, and inimitable quality of the authentic Dijon in every jar!

Are you a fan of classic flavors? Look no further! The original Amora Dijon mustard is just what you need! Enjoy it with some bratwurst sausages, add it to your burgers, sandwiches, and charcuterie boards or use it as a glaze for your roasted meats - the results are guaranteed to make you happy either way!

You might be a mustard connoisseur, but are you up for a challenge? Can you handle the heat as well as you think you can? Well, you can find out pretty easily with Amora extra-strong Dijon mustard. More flavorful and aromatic than anything you’ve ever tried before - this condiment is not for the faint of heart. It will turn even the most mundane meal into an explosion of glorious tastes. Try for yourself and find out how bold your palette truly is!

And as for those of you who like to experiment when it comes to food, we’ve got something very special saved up! Our Savora mustard combines the robust flavors of 11 different spices and packs a punch like no other! Over at Yummy Bazaar, we strongly agree with the philosophy that food should never be boring, and with a little help from our digital shelves, it never will!

So don’t hesitate, boldly pick out all of the most full-bodied flavors of French mustard and dive headfirst into the ocean of culinary possibilities. Experiment, discover and enjoy both new AND nostalgic tastes - we’ll make sure you’ve got all the supplies you might ever need!

Never go bland with authentic Amora French mustard from Yummy Bazaar

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