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What are Amarena Cherries?

Amarena cherries are a type of small wild Italian cherries that are often bottled in syrup and used as a decoration for desserts and cocktails. Fittingly, they’ve been making waves in the last few years among both bartenders and bakers worldwide.

Amarena cherries have garnered a reputation as a high-quality, premium product. When you see these small, dark cherries skewered on top of your cocktail or decorating the dessert, you know you’ve come to a bar or a restaurant worth returning to.

Amarena cherry variety was specially developed at the end of the XiX century by Gennaro Fabbri, who started commercially producing his sweetened Amarena cherries in syrup in 1905. Fabbri Amarena cherries remain the most iconic Amarena cherries to this day, despite having to compete with many other large manufacturers like Toschi. Even with Fabbri significantly expanding their production line, Amarena cherries remain the product they’re primarily known for.

Amarena cherries are an outstanding balance of sour and sweet flavors. The syrup should retain some of the acidity from cherries, not allowing it to become unpleasantly sugary. The final product comes with a complex flavor combination, starting sweet and cutting through with sour undertones.

A gourmet product, these days, they’re a finishing touch that allows bartenders and bakers all over the world to upgrade their products with ease.

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Be like a pro yourself! Whether you’re throwing a party, a family get-together, or a romantic dinner for two, adding a skewer of Amarena cherries to your cocktails or decorating your sundae with a few are bound to elevate your dish or drink to whole new levels, with no one forgetting them anytime soon!