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Toschi Black Italian Amarena Cherries, 17.9 oz (510 g)
Toschi Baba in Rum, 14.11 oz (400 g)
Toschi Baba in Lemoncello, 14.11 oz (400 g)

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Discover a world of sweet Italian flavors, buy Toschi online!

Don't you love desserts? Everyone loves desserts. They fill you up with energy and literally make you happier! This sweet magical course eaten at the end of the meal is the most enjoyable part of any breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Some might argue that desserts are filled with sugar, thus somewhat unhealthy, and today we are going to prove them wrong! Desserts offer an excellent opportunity of incorporating more fruits into your diet, thus filling you up with nutrients. And for that reason, we have created a fantastic selection of Italian Toschi syrups and vinegars to help you make your desserts more nutritious and delicious. So don't be afraid and join in to level up your dessert game!

Why Toschi? With over 65 years of experience, this Italian brand has mastered the true know-how of creating the most delicious and unique fruit garnishes steeped into wine as well as luxurious Italian fruit-based vinegars. So let's get into it, shall we?

Why don't we start off with something that Toschi is famous for? You won't believe how sweet and tart Toschi amarena cherries in syrup are until you taste them. Luscious pitted black cherries preserved in cherry syrup create an unparalleled dessert topping! What can you top with Toschi cherries? All kinds of yummy desserts, from pancakes and cookies to milkshakes, cakes, and even ice cream!

Hint: As a cherry on top, you can use the remainder of the syrup separately for adding that extra sweet flavor to your favorite drinks.

Want to try something with blueberries? With its deep color and rich flavor, Toschi blueberries in syrup will make your desserts pop with a punch of blueberry flavors! Want something more sour, citrusy, yet still sweet? Toschi orange peel in syrup will make for an excellent topping for your yogurt and ice cream! If you're not afraid of experimenting with flavors, you can add them to pork and red meat.

Wanna make some popsicles and deliciously sweet cocktails? We have got you covered! Toschi is well-known for making the best syrups that are also gluten-free. The most commonly used tart & sweet flavor in cocktails? Grenadines! Naturally, Toschi Grenadine syrup will enhance any drinks, shakes, and cocktails. Everyone knows that mojito isn't mojito without that minty flavor. Toschi mint cocktail syrup not only can help you make the best mojito cocktails but also enhance any other drink that complements minty flavors!

Wait, we are not done yet! If you're a fan of balsamic glazes mixed with wine vinegar and fruit flavors, Toschi has some wonderful options for you! To add a luxurious touch with rich & complex flavors, drizzle your favorite bruschetta with Toschi balsamic vinegar of Modena. Want something more tart? Make sure to try Toschi balsamic glaze that adds depth to any salad.

If you want to try something exceptional, then you need to try Toschi BalSoy sauce! A combination of balsamic vinegar with complex flavors of soy sauce creates a masterpiece that any Italian chef would love! Want something luxurious? The literal black jewel Toschi Gemma Nera will add a distinguishing sweet & sour flavor profile unlike any other. Whether you want to enhance your desserts, salads, rice dishes, and even fish, these delightful vinegars will do wonders!

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