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Add some sweetness to your life with Fabbri Amarena cherries

It’s weird how a simple recipe can alter not just one person’s life but also the lives of generations. All it takes is a combination of ingredients and one improvisational genius, brave enough to try something completely new, and all of a sudden, our daily routines shift. So much of our society revolves around food that it’s almost impossible for a new addition to our diet not to make a difference. Whether it’s a bit of extra joy on our faces or an added spring to everyone’s step, a tasty treat can change the way we perceive our quotidian existence, make it more beautiful, enticing, and full of little miracles!

Little did Rachele Buriani know that she, too, was about to change the daily lives of millions of sugary treat-lovers when she came up with the recipe for Fabbri Amarena syrup. After trying her invention, both she and her husband, Gennaro Fabbri became certain, that this new discovery was too good to be kept from the world. And that’s how Fabbri was established in 1905.

Nowadays, Fabbri Amarena cherries in syrup is one of Italy’s proudest exports. Decadent, sweet, rich, and versatile - these little pearls of extravagant taste are renowned worldwide, and for a good reason. Need something to top your ice cream with? Or maybe a delicious addition to your crepes? A filling or even a decoration for your cakes? Wild Amarena cherries from Fabbri are a perfect solution for each of those problems! Not to mention, you can also add them to your cocktails or use a myriad of Fabbri syrups to spice everything up! Their Mixybar syrup line is specifically crafted to pair well with all of your alcoholic favorites. From classic flavors like vanilla, amaretto, caramel, and chocolate to more intriguing tastes such as orzata syrup - there is something here for every preference!

You could also bring some joy to your day with Fabbri flavoring sauces! Add them to your hot beverages, drizzle some on top of pancakes, waffles, and the most luxurious desserts or simply add a bit to the batter of your bakes for a boost of flavor - possibilities are truly endless! From caramel to raspberry and strawberry - there is a Fabbri sauce for every occasion!

Hint: Add a few of our Italian strawberries in syrup to your vanilla ice cream, and drizzle everything with some melted extra dark chocolate or even a loose nut butter of your choice to make the most gourmet comfort food that ever was!

Life is full of simple joys. As long as we take our time to truly appreciate all of its delights, happiness is guaranteed to turn into a state of being, not the destination. And even though this might sound like an overly simplified solution, food can play a huge role in achieving said state. So don’t hesitate, get your hands on the impeccable Fabbri Amarena cherries and start appreciating the most valuable beauties of quotidian life today.

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