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When thinking of the best chocolate, there are a couple of countries that might pop up in your head. Well, one of them will definitely be Spain which has rightfully claimed the title of the pioneer, who introduced the rest of the world to cocoa beans, and we will be forever grateful for that. If your chocolate knowledge goes beyond historical data, then it’s France you’ll name next. It’s true that the French have mastered the art of chocolate-making and have incorporated this delight into every aspect of their lives (yes, its superpowers usually go beyond the kitchen). However, when mentioning chocolate, every true chocolate connoisseur mentally transports themselves to Italy. The country revolutionized and created the world’s #1 favorite snack - chocolate, as we know it. We’re sure chocolate connoisseurs are already caught up with the story of criminally underrated Italian chocolate and how the boot peninsula is responsible for creating myriads of signature treats, such as gianduja (the world’s first chocolate and hazelnut spread), Gianduiotto, cremino, and many more! But for the uninitiated, we’re more than happy to guide you through the history of Italian chocolate quickly.

Chocolate became the talk of the town, and by town, we mean the whole European continent, in the 16th century, when the Spanish brought aromatic beans back from the New World. Italy was no exception - the boot peninsula quickly fell in love with the aromatic chocolate drink, bicerin, a commonly enjoyed beverage across the neighboring countries. But, you know, when something arrives in Italy, it never leaves the same - Italian chocolatiers have put a unique twist on it. Turin alone is responsible for 3 of the most exquisite chocolate creations: perfectly square & melty cremino, the first-ever chocolate spread, and melt-in-your-mouth pralines, also known as Gianduiotto. While we’d like to get down to the fundamentals of Italian chocolate and the “culinary science” behind it, today, we want to introduce you to the top 5 must-try Italian chocolate brands, so you can really taste the ineffable greatness we’re struggling to convey here. However, if you’re interested to learn more about Italian chocolate heritage, peruse our blog!chocolate pralines on a white backgroundIf decadent and serotonin-packed chocolate is your go-to candy option, the other half to your morning cuppa joe, perfect between-meal snack, and something that, generally, stays on your mind 24/7, congratulations, you’re a certified chocoholic. And we’re determined to take your collection beyond Hershey’s Cookies ’n’ Creme. Don’t get us wrong, we love chocolate and every shape, color, and flavor it comes in but let’s just admit - not every chocolate is created equal. Our Italian chocolate selection is generously stocked with everything from everyday delights to exquisite gift boxes adorned with Dolce & Gabbana packaging. But, to make your shopping experience easier, we’ve devised a quick list of the top five Italian chocolate brands to look for when shopping for a connoisseur-approved treat!

Top 5 Italian Chocolate Brands To Look For!

Perugina - the fabled Italian chocolate confectionery brand, Perugina, was founded more than 110 years ago in Perugia. While the brand's assortment is generously packed with everything from unique chocolate bars to exquisite pralines adorned with eye-catching gift boxes, it’s Baci Perugina that steals the spotlight. Often deemed the most romantic Italian chocolate, Baci was born out of the virtuosity of Luisa Spagnoli, Italy’s favorite entrepreneur at the time. To minimize the waste of perfectly fine ingredients left behind in the Perugina factory, Spagnoli created Baci pralines. Meaning “kisses” in English, Baci has become a true symbol of modern Italian chocolate. By referencing the real-time romance of Luisa Spagnoli and co-founder of Perugina, every Baci praline is wrapped in the eye-catching tin foil, hiding notes of affirmation inside. So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your chocolate connoisseur loved ones, browse Yummy Bazaar’s assortment!baci perugina praline on a tableSource: Baci Perugina

Caffarel - founded in 1826, Caffarel is one of the legendary names in the Italian chocolate industry! And, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the brand is responsible for creating the exquisite European specialty - Gianduja & Gianduiotto. In 1826, Paul Caffarel embarked on the culinary journey by opening up a chocolate laboratory in Turin, making the city the ultimate chocolate capital of Italy and soon the whole continent. Gianduja, a homogenous concoction of chocolate & hazelnuts, was created as a clever solution to the cocoa deficit caused by the Continental Blockade. If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty details, skim through our blog about Gianduja chocolate. Caffarel was the first to mass-produce Gianduja-based creamy pralines, too, known as Gianduiotto. The unique Italian chocolate pralines and the first-ever chocolate hazelnut spread have made the brand one of the iconic Italian chocolate brands, perfect for any connoisseurs looking to broaden their horizons.caffarel gianduiotto pralinesSource: Caffarel

Venchi - the centuries-old Italian chocolate brand, Venchi has been the leading name on the market for quite some time now. Venchi has successfully carved itself a niche for gourmet and unique renditions of classic Italian chocolate treats. The company started as a small confectionery in Turin in 1878 by Silviano Venchi and blossomed into an internationally prized brand. Silviano Venchi spent all of his savings on two bronze cauldrons and started chasing his culinary dreams. Little did he know, he was venturing into the worldwide market of gourmet chocolate. After becoming “Purveyor to the Royal Household,” Venchi established itself as one of the iconic Italian chocolate brands, not afraid of experimenting. The brand upholds the “Buono Buonissimo” rule, meaning 100% natural & no artificial ingredients, and less sugar. Venchi prides itself on a wide assortment of gluten and palm oil-free recipes. One of the things we love the most about the Piedmontese chocolate brand is its unique creations, such as chocaviar, Bigusto, cocoa bean dragees & a myriad more waiting in our assortment!venchi chocolates on a green displaySource: Venchi

Majani - claiming the title of one of the oldest Italian chocolate brands, Majani was born in 1796 in the heart of Bologna. The Majani family is responsible for making the first-ever solid-shaped Italian chocolate, also known as “Scorza.” However, Majani truly made a name for itself when the brand invented a unique cremino for the competition announced by FIAT to celebrate the Tipo 4 new car model. Majani added an extra layer of goodness to the classic three-layered Italian chocolate and claimed the prize. According to the culinary lore, that year, Fiat sold more cremino chocolates than cars. The Irreplaceable name of Majani is associated with Italian excellence and centuries-old heritage. While staying true to its roots, Majani still delights even the most demanding palates. The iconic Italian chocolate brand has extended its range of Fiat cremino and now includes every flavor you can imagine!majani fiat cremino on a white backgroundSource: Majani

Baratti & Milano - legendary Italian chocolate brand, Baratti & Milano is thought to be the creator of the famous Cremino, an Italian treat loved for its velvety, melty texture. Deemed as the 'Grand Cru' of Italian chocolate, Baratti & Milano was founded 164 years ago in the capital of chocolate-making, Turin. What started as a small cafe opened by the two young men quickly transformed into the supplier of the Royal family of Savoy. Barati & Milano, to this day, even a century after, takes excellent care of keeping up its robust reputation by sourcing only the finest quality raw ingredients from Ecuador & Ghana. The company has total control over the final product by producing its cocoa mass and butter. The historic Italian chocolate brand offers connoisseurs and those with a taste for excellence everything from classic dark chocolate bars adorned with eye-catching golden packaging to iconic Italian pralines, gianduiotto!Baratti and Milano chocolate assortmentSource: Baratti & Milano

No matter the brand, one thing to expect from Italian chocolate is unmatched quality and full-bodied flavor that stays with you throughout the day. While we tried to make things a tad bit easier for you, we think shopping at our Italian chocolate store will still be tough - with nearly 100 products proudly stocked on digital shelves, confusion & dizziness while scrolling through are expected. But, you know what brands to look for if you’re after the connoisseur-approved stuff, so take on the challenge of adding an unmatched flair of Italian chocolate to your collection with the help of Yummy Bazaar!

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